Boost Your Organic Traffic with 3 High Authority Indexable Backlinks

Boost Your Organic Traffic with 3 High Authority Indexable Backlinks

hello my dear lovely audience so in today's  video I am going to share three backlink sites   with you all three battling sites are no follow  backlink sites but you will get hundred percent   indexable backlinks on these three websites  and you can use all these three websites to   index your backlinks as well so if you are new  to my channel you can subscribe to my Channel   right now and you can check all the playlists  which I have created here like I have created   index backlink playlist online learning bathing  sites here do follow back on sites here and many   other playlists so do not forget to subscribe  my channel to like my video and do not forget   to share my channel link with your SEO friends  and

No follow  backlink sites

 blogger friends so let's start today video   first websites women Authority you can see  it's 35 and spam score is only three percent   spam store and this website will provide  you 100 indexable wrapping rating   which is on the right  side so click on the login   option and now you can see here we have  a registration of  and give your   email address here and then click on this  button and now you can see

 your form is   standard and I'll fill out all these options  very quickly so you can see I have filled out   all these options and now clicking on register  button so again translate this page to English   so you can see my account has been created now  confirmation email has been sent to my email   ID so I am clicking on this confirmation link   and now my account has been logged in   I have logged in on this website so now click  here edit your account details and now you can   give here your title so I'm giving

 this title here  you can add your avatar here you can select your   gender and then we will give you a website like  I am creating backings for my YouTube channel link here on your website okay  and now I am copying my dress blog so you can cannot create any anchor  tag or you cannot test any Link in   this section so they do not  give any link or any answer  what you need to do put  your cursor on your

Create any anchor  tag

 username and   on this profile page option just click here  and copy link address okay and now open   your incognito window and paste this link  here and now you can see your backlink is   here you have acquired your backlink on  this website and the name of the website is okay this is non-english website but  this is non-spammy website also and this backlink   will be 100 indexable but this backlink is no  follow back link creating backlink on the second   website is also really very simple so when you  open this website you need to translate it in to   the English language okay so once the

 website will  be translated you will see a register option on   the right hand side click on the register option  and now you need to fill out your email address   here so I have pasted my email address here now  I will click on no create one now okay and now   I will click on this button so now the form is  expanded so now fill out all these details very   quickly and and translate it into the English  language okay so as you people can see I have   filled out all the details and now clicking on  the register button now translate it into English   language again and now my confirmation email has  been sent to email

Creating backlinks for my YouTube channel

 ID so I will click on this   confirmation email sorry confirmation link and now  translate it into English language again and now   you can see your username in the right side and  put your cursor on the username and click on the   contact details and now you can see in the left  hand side there is an option of personal details   click here here and now just fill out all these  details very quickly so here you can

 paste your   title under 140 characters here you can upload  your avatar and now here locality here you can   paste your blog URL your website URL or uh you  can insert your YouTube channel link here so I   am creating backlinks for my YouTube channel so I  have pasted my YouTube channel link okay and now   here I will paste my small blog so do uh clear one  thing do not give any anchor tag or any naked URL   in this section because it will not acceptable  okay and now you need to click on this button   so you can see I have filled out all the  details and to check the live link you   need to put your cursor on

 the username and  now you will click here your profile page   okay so now this is your live link and you can  see your backlink is here and you can see it's   100 no follow backlink but this is 100 indexable  backlink as well so you can create one backlink   here and you can use this website to index your  other backlinks as well okay so the name of the   website is hybergamment is our second  website name third websites domain Authority is   49 spam score is only seven percent spam score  but it will give you 100 indexable backlink and   backlink will be indexed within 10 or 15 days so  creating backlink on this website is really very   simple just scroll it down and you can see join  Community

Join Community 

 option on the right hand side so just   click on the join Community you can fill out the  form by clicking on join now or you can use login   with Google option okay so I am clicking on login  with Google option and now I will choose my email   ID and now I need to give my username here so I  have put my username here and now I will click on   I agree to terms and privacy policy and now I will  click on sign up so here you can see I have logged   on to my website and now on the right hand side so  now here you can see first letter of your username   just put your cursor here and click here and now  click on account settings okay so now uh your form   will be open like this and you need to fill out  the details here so I am filling this location   okay and now I will give my YouTube channel  link here if

Backlinks for your blog

 you are creating backlinks for   your blog or website you can use your blogger  website link here okay and now uh here this is   about sections so I am copying my this blog  content and now I will paste it here okay do   not give any anchor tag or naked URL in this  box it will not be acceptable okay if you have   any Facebook ID or Twitter ID you can paste their  URLs here also and after that click on save button   so now it's saved now on the left hand side you  can see your profile option just click on your  

 profile button and now you can see your backlink  is ready just click on about and here is my link   okay now I will checking my do follow no follow  this link is also hundred percent no follow   backlink but this is indexable backlink okay  the name of the website you can see is our third uh no follow back link  a website name plus it is 100 indexable backlink  

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