Discovering 5 Exceptional AI Tools That Aren't Midjourney (and They're Free!)


"Discovering 5 Exceptional AI Tools That Aren't Midjourney (and They're Free!)"

  hey guys today we're going to check out the top 5 air tools that you can use instead of mid journey and these tools are absolutely free so without any further Ado let's get started now one of the first tools that you have to absolutely try out is Lexica is an online tool that generates images just like my journey but it's way easier to use so to use this tool just search for   and click get started and once you sign in with your Google account you can type any description or prompt for the image that

 you want to create I'm going to enter giraffe in a suit here you can choose the dimensions for the image then click generate and in just a few seconds for completely original and never seen before images will be generated for us um these images are pretty good it's not exactly what I had in mind let me tell you what the issue is not really with the tool that I used but it's with the prompt that I provided with writing the perfect prompt is the key to achieving amazing results but sometimes it is hard to express what we

Achieving amazing results

 have in our mind right to help us with that I have found a tool called gravity right this tool will give us better prompts to generate images that we have in our mind so right below in the video you will find the link that will take you to once you're on sign in with an account   and look for the images section click on AI art and here you can describe the subject that you want to see in your image I am going to enter the same idea which I used earlier also you can specify what action the subject should be doing and even mention the time of the day and the environment that you're looking

 for and here's the best part gravityrite also lets you choose the art form or the style that you desire for your image Let It Be photography comic Pixar 3D or any style if you can think of just enter your preferred style and once you've filled in all the necessary details hit create content check out these amazing prompts from Gravity right it generates four different options each with its own Unix type they are so detailed describing even the color and the design of the giraffe suit in a way that even I couldn't have imagined describing on my own with these customized prompts in hand we're not ready to create our AI art just copy the prompt you like go back to Lexica paste The Prompt here and click generate

Gravityrite also lets you choose

 you can see that within seconds Lexica has generated very high quality images this is exactly what I was looking for and I'm totally impressed Lexica has actually nailed it I also tried all the other prompts generated by gravity right and here are the results interesting right now if you want to see more variations of a particular image then lexic has generated you can just click here and there you go a new set of images will be generated for you and you can also download any image you like so get started by

 using this amazing tool and create your AI art in seconds next up on our list is blue below this popular tool is similar to Mid journey and is a must try to get started simply head over to and click join the free beta simply type slash imagine prompt followed by your idea but before we add our ideas here let's use gravity right to get the prompt this time I'm gonna try food photography so I am

Adobe Firefly is the ultimate 

 going to enter strawberry milkshake here and then fill in the other necessary details and hit create content we now have a tailor-made prompts so let's copy one of them and paste it on Blue Willow and there you have it you can also use the V button to create different variations of the specific image each number here represents the corresponding four Images generated if you want to make any changes to the image such as adjusting the size we have to do it manually by using the appropriate prompt like hyphen hyphen AR need to upscale the image just click on the U button and you're good to go you can

 now easily download your favorite images and save it to your device while the downloaded image may not be of the highest quality remember that blue willow is a free tool and it gets the job done so why wait start exploring this incredible air tool the next tool on the list is the famous Adobe Firefly let me break it down for you Adobe Firefly is the ultimate creativity tool developed by the Geniuses at Adobe they have made this tool very easy to use with a lot of customization options and they can help you generate your Masterpiece in no time to use this tool head over to the Adobe Firefly website and you

Experimenting with different styles

 can find the link in the description below login using your Adobe ID but don't worry if you don't have one signing up is free and straightforward after logging in we'll need to get access to use this tool since it's currently in the beta version so just click on request access and start generating your images to do that click on text to image and you will find a whole bunch of interesting image ideas to generate your own image simply enter a prompt so here's one I obtained from Gravity right you can also tweak the

 image as you want like adjusting the ratio experimenting with different styles and making it your very own Masterpiece also Adobe never fails to amaze me want even more variations of the particular image just click on this button and you will have amazing images with every single click and you call the download your favorite images for free although do note that they may be a watermark but hey

Considering the incredible job

 considering the incredible job it's doing it's a small  okay let's move to the next tool which is called playground AI it's an amazing platform with different image generator models and has got some great customization options too the image quality is Top Notch and the best part is even with a free account you can generate up to 1000 pictures per day so to get started simply search for and sign in using your Google account once you're signed in you can explore the community feed for some artistic Inspirations or head straight to the create tab and start generating your own area here you can

 enter the description for your image I have already got a prompt from Gravity right so I'm going to use that here now if you look at the customization options you can adjust the image dimensions and select the quality that suits your needs so you can even choose how many images that you want to generate so once you're all set just hit the generate button and then your images will be ready in just a matter of

 seconds playground here also lets you create more variations of a particular image simply click on the action button and select create variant and there you have it you can also upscale your image you can do that by clicking on action and select upscale by Forex and the image is upscaled instantly you can also

Already got a prompt from Gravity right 

 download the image and save it without any watermarks also playground AI offers us other AI models to experiment with this tool is a decent alternative to Mid Journey that is completely free and is also super easy to use okay guys finally we have this tool is truly amazing when it comes to upscaling your images and it offers a wide range of options including the ability to generate HD images in no time moreover you will find a lot of styling options to enhance your images and it's definitely

 worth exploring so to use this tool visit and first we need to request Early Access so simply enter your email here click here and after some time you'll receive an email confirming that you've been white instead once you receive that email you can click on launch app and select I am requested so head over to AI image generation and here you can type your prompt and customize the images using these

Customize the images using these AI

 options and when you're ready click generate and watch your images get generated now if you like the image and you won't upscale it you can do that by clicking here and of course you can also download the image by clicking here that's it so that's it Guys these are the five best air tools that you can use for free instead of paying for me Journey make sure you check them all out and let us know which one is

 your favorite tool in the comment section now all the mid journey is a paid tool it still creates much better results we've made an exclusive video on mid-journey which you can check it out here so thanks for watching I'll see you guys in the next video take care bye bye  

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