Unveiling the Top 10 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Tools

"Unveiling the Top 10 Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence Tools"

AI tools are getting better every day and there's a lot that you can do that you can't even imagine so today let me show you the top 10 mind-blowing air tools that you should be using right now and the best part is they are free to use and also work well with your mobile devices so without any further Ado let's get started but wait there's also a fun bonus tool at the end of the video so watch the video till the end to know what it is okay first we're

 gonna start off with a tool called neural frames using which you can do this interesting first let's go to noodlesfilms.com click create videos from text choose a style upload an image and here describe how you want the video to be then click here to make a description even more accurate and click render now check this cool animation video nice you can even click here to download the video and that's it easy now I love taking photos but the fun doesn't end there you cannot get super creative with your photos with this AI tool say you want to

Floral shirt click generate

 change your outfit grow hair on a bald head or completely change the image into something like this you can just do anything you want by entering a piece of text well let me show you how go to firefly.odoby.com click on generative fill then click here and upload the image you want now say you want to change the background so let's click background and it will be gone now here just describe the background you want I'm going to type a beach background and click generate there you go we have now got a new background you can also click here to see more options and finally click keep now let's try changing the output of the person just like the outfit like this now here let me type floral shirt click generate and that's it looks amazing right in the same way you can select

 anything and change it to what you want and finally you can download the image here all right let's go to the next tool which is with rapid this tool can summarize big YouTube videos into small paragraphs of text so that you can get to know the content easily instead of going through the whole video just go to bidrapping.com and here paste the link of the YouTube video that you want to summarize so let me go to YouTube copy this link paste it here and click submit now this AI tool has created a short summary of the entire video along with the time codes of all the topics mentioned in the video so you can go through and use the time course to watch any

 portion not only that if you get transcript here you will see the entire video as a tech script along with the timeline for each sentence in the video now there is one more way to summarize videos simply go to YouTube video go to the link and here just click and type some press enter and that's all your summary is ready now to make things even easier there's also a Chrome extension for bit rapid that you can add to Chrome once you do that if you go to YouTube good rapid will be directly available here just click summarize and you'll get the summary are you bored of having a product images look like this what if I told you you can make them look like this with the help of an AI tool yes create a kit this tool contains stunning product photographs with just any image of your product just go to creativekit.com click here so just upload a photo of your product and you can

Product category

 adjust the size and place the product where you want it on the photo click continue select your product category now you can either select any style you want here or you can go here and give inputs to create your own image I'm going to choose style and select the style finally click generate and we've got our stylish product images if you're not satisfied with these images you can click render again for new and better results and finally download the image by clicking here amazing right now if you notice here the image is a bit small and is of low resolution but nothing to worry we're going to solve this and improve the quality of this image using our next AI tool which is replicate using this tool you can increase the size and improve the quality of any image so first go to

AI to write content

 replicate.com select super resolution now to improve the image quality select this then just upload the image we generated right now click submit and we have got the improved image with better size and quality finally just click here to download the image easy right now everyone is using AI to write content but ranking that content on Google with proper SEO is difficult that's why we have gravity right this AI power writing tool helps you create the best SEO optimized content for all your requirements you can create blog posts social media content YouTube scripts add an email copies Etc so let's go to gravityright.com now let's say you want to create a blog

 post here click blog workflow and select one click blog post now here type the title for your blog then click create content and there you have it a complete well structured blog in just a single click now if you copy this content paste it on an AI detective website and click check for AI content you can see that it has a 96 originality score and the website says it's more likely to be written by a human being are you looking to create the best logos for your business but you don't want to spend a lot of time or money to design it well that's why we have brand crowd this tool helps you create unique logo designs with AI in no time let me show you how first go to

 brandcloud.com type the name of your business here and click create logos now type some keywords about your business click continue and you will get this page filled with different logo designs so I'm going to select this one and you will get multiple variations of the logo that you chose now you can select the one you like and you will

 get this page where you can edit the logo okay you can change the layout and also add your own text finally click download and it'll ask you to update your plan to get the logo without Watermark if you scroll down you can see we have a logo with the watermark so let's remove this watermark for free first let's right click and save the logo next go to Watermark remover.io upload your logo and the watermark is gone easy and now you can download it moving on to the next tool lumen5 with this tool you can convert text into video so say you have

Click convert to video

 blog posts or an article and with this tool you can convert an entire blog post into video in no time so it's cool right so let's check it out just go to lumen5.com sign up for free now I am going to select create a video and you will get this page filled with templates for the video you can choose any of these templates or just click skip here paste the URL of your blog post so let's go to our blog copy this and paste it here now click import and we've got an entire blog post here now all you have to do is Click convert to video and you can now click here to preview the video  it has the content of our blog cool isn't it now you can edit the video by using these options

 finally click publish to download the video now as we all know if you want to create a social media post you need to prepare the content design add images and all that now what if I told you one AI tool can do all these and produce an entire social media post just from your text just go to predis.ai click here and you will get this page now first choose what type of post that you have in your mind okay select what a post is about and enter the title for your post now choose if you want a single image or slides or a video post I'll select this and click generate

 post and there you go we have got a post so let's click on it scroll down and you can see the content it created on the post and look here we also have different styles to choose from let me select this template it looks good now the best part is that you can also edit anything about the post say you want to change the text just select it and enter the text you want it's easy now to publish this post just click share and you can see Instagram is selected here you can share it when you want to post then click schedule and it will be published on Instagram all right now you've seen the top 10 AI tools but that's not all guys I have an interesting bonus tool for you while making YouTube videos finding the exact music that you have in your mind is really hard so I'm going to solve this

AI soundtrack

 problem with the help of an AI tool called mubert so let's go to muburt.com and click generator track now here you can choose from a list of AI generated unique tracks or here you can type what you're looking for Now set a duration for your track click generate track and here's your AI soundtrack so let's check it out songs unique right well you can also generate a soundtrack with sounds similar to the song you like so just click search for reference Now go to YouTube and choose a video you like I want to generate a soundtrack that sounds similar to this music

 in this YouTube video so let me copy this link paste it here then click search tags and there we have our tracks so let's check them out  this one sounds similar and good so let's click download and now the tool will ask you to mention your YouTube Channel's name so that it can prevent copyright claims for you so just enter your channel URL click continue finally click agree then download it and that's it our music will be downloaded  useful right

 so there you have it guys our top 10 list of mind-blowing AI tools part two now I have added the links to all the tools in the description below and you can check them out in case you missed the first part of this video where we have covered more interesting AI tools you can check them out by clicking here also make sure you click the Subscribe button to see more videos from us 

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