Creating Faceless YouTube Videos for Free Using AI Tools: A Step-by-Step Guide


"Creating Faceless YouTube Videos for Free Using AI Tools: A Step-by-Step Guide"

picture this you have a YouTube channel and you're posting videos made only using Ai and these videos are not just getting attention they are lacking abuse yes guys it's happening I came across this YouTube channel where they post a lot of videos in a very short time see this 11 minutes ago 20 minutes ago and all they post are videos of fun facts tips and just information with voiceover stock footage or images now these videos are made just using ad I mean it is ideal for AI because these videos are paceless and they don't really require any original footage or much time to produce and guess what they're getting a

AI generated videos

 lot of juice too so guys I've broken down the process which these channels are using to get used with AI generated videos and today I'm gonna show you how you can quickly make your YouTube videos just by using air tools every step of the process right from getting ideas scripting to creating visuals all are going to be covered by AI impressive right so sit back relax and let's get started to create a YouTube

 video the first step is to get topic ideas if you already know what video you're going to make you can skip to the next day if you open to explain different ideas then continue watching we're gonna use an AI tool called gravity right to get ideas for our video just click the link below and you'll reach this page now click start writing for free enter your name email and give a password now click create account

Click title and thumbnail

 alright we've logged in now head over to YouTube and here we have different tools to make a YouTube video Let's click YouTube edit generator don't get ideas here just enter what your channel is about if you don't have a channel yet just enter some keywords related to the topic you want to focus on I'm going to enter Fitness and click create content you can choose the idea you like I'm gonna go with this one all right now that you know what kind of video we need to make to go forward we need a title for our video so next let's go to the Second Step which is to create an attractive title for the video to do that there's a tool in gravity right that generates different title ideas so let's try that out first I'm going to copy this idea then click title and thumbnail ideas now paste it and click create we've got different titles on

Thumbnail ideas

 which we can make our video and not just that we also have thumbnail ideas for each topic interesting right all right you can go through and select the title you want I'm going to select this so let's copy it and paste it on a dock now we'll see how you can create a thumbnail based on this idea later in the video okay now we have the title so let's go to the next step which is to create a script for our video once we

 have the script we'll use that to create our visuals and audio now gravity right has a script generator tool as well to create a script just copy the stacking go to gravity right and click YouTube script creator now paste this title and that's all you can see we've got the complete script for our video now if you want to change anything or add something you can go ahead and edit here all right once you're fine with the

 script let's go to the next step which is to create a video using ask grid to do that we're going to use a tool called this tool lets you create an entire video with visuals and voiceover just with a script alone I've given the link below this video so just click it foreign get started and then sign up since we're creating a video from the script click proceed here here we need to enter the script for our video so let's go back to this tab copy the script then paste it here now click proceed and it will ask you to select a style for your video you can select the one you like I'm gonna choose this one as you can see it's processing our video and once it's done you can see it has automatically created a video from our script

Impressive right 

 now to see a preview just click here we have visuals music and text impressive right let's close this and now if you're happy with the output you can proceed to the next step or else you can make changes to this video too so next let's see how you can edit the video here you can see we have different tools and it has broken down a script into different scenes you can just select the scene you want and make your edits now let's say you want to change the visual for this scene so just click here then go to visuals so

 here you can see different footages that you can add you can select any footage here or you can also upload your own footage using this option now there are places where you can find free stock footages like pixels pexa Bay Etc there are links in the description so you can check them out okay I'm gonna choose this one so just double click and it will be added to your video and you can see how it looks

 alright now as you know we don't have any voiceover in our video right now so what if you want to add it to make our video sound like this Welcome to our video on five practical tips for a healthier lifestyle better right so next let's see how you can add a voiceover this tool also has an option to add automatic voiceover for The Script we added so to do that just go to audio and then click voiceover so here you will find different voices you can play and select the voice you want welcome to Victory I'm gonna select this one so just click apply and it'll be added so let's have a preview now Welcome to our video on five practical tips for a healthier lifestyle a healthy living challenge in today's fast-paced world it's easy to lose track of your health goals and end up feeling burnt out the videos come out really well

 right all right so now our video is completely ready and you can download it here just click download and select the video now it will process and again click download and you can see that the video has been downloaded okay so what next to publish this video we need a few more things we need a thumbnail and description and tags so first let's create a thumbnail if you remember we already have a thumbnail idea so to create it we're going to use a tool called canva so just click the link below this

 video and you'll get this page here select YouTube thumbnail and instead of creating the thumbnail from scratch we're going to select the template and edit it so here you can see different templates you can select the one you want I'm gonna select this one now here we have a default image and text so let's edit it I'm going to add a text related to our video now to change the image just select it and click delete now just drag and drop any image you want from the computer and drag it to adjust the position okay so now our thumbnail is ready so let's download it Click Share and click download and again click

Description and tags

 download and the image will be downloaded okay so now our thumbnail is ready and next let's clear the description and tags for that again we're going to use a tool from Gravity right so let's go to gravity right and click description and tags here it's asking us for our video title so let's enter that and we've got the description SEO tags and even the hashtags now these tags and descriptions are optimized for the YouTube's algorithm so your video can have a better reach all right so guys we now have everything

 ready so let's go to the final step which is to publish the video on your YouTube channel so let's go to our Channel click here and click upload now just drag and drop the video we created here let's enter our title so just copy the title and paste it here next we need to enter the description and hashtags here so

 let's copy paste it now to add the thumbnail just click upload thumbnail and double click on the image you want all right next let's add the SEO tags scroll down and click show more here just copy paste the tags once you're done just click next and here you can add the things you want after that keep clicking next and now to publish the video just click public here and click publish that's all now if you click here you can see our video has been added to our YouTube channel all right guys so now we've made an

 entire YouTube video using ad so you can go on and see how many views you get and let me know in the comment section how it has worked for you now this is just a normal video but what if you want to make an animated video that are using AI does it pick your interest well guys check out this video and learn how to make animated videos just by entering a piece of text to get more videos like this make sure you subscribe to website Learners and don't forget to like and share I'll see you guys in the next video Until then take care bye .

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