Unlocking $1000 Logo Designs for Free with AI: Your Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get a $1000 Logo Design for FREE Using AI English

hi guys today let's see how you can create a brand logo in the easiest way possible with the help of an AI you don't need to be a professional designer or spend a lot of money to get a stunning logo in this tutorial I'm going to take you through a step-by-step guide on how to create your brand logo using AI so without any further Ado let's get started so to create our logo we are going to use an AI tool called Bing image Creator so just click the link below this video and you will reach this page now click join and

 create and it will ask you to sign in using your Microsoft account if you don't have an account just create one and sign in Now to create your logo all you need to do is just enter your prompt here and this tool will create the logo designs for you so let's see how it works I am going to enter a logo design for a perfume company called fragranza now if you click create you can see within seconds it gave us four different logos well these logos look a bit generic and you might have noticed the lettering is all wrong and twisted well AI tools are not that great with text yet but don't worry we'll see how you can fix this

Prompts for your logo 

 later in this video now I'm not completely satisfied with these logos and it doesn't match the style of my brand to get more unique and personalized output you need to give a more specific prompt with creative inputs well don't panic you don't have to squeeze your brains there's an easy way too there's another AI tool that will give you creative ideas and prompts for your logo and that will be personalized for your brand I'll show you how to use that so just click the link below this video and it'll take you to gradyride.com this is the site that's going to help us get logo ideas so just click on start writing for free fill up these details and click create account now go to images and click on logo design ideas now here

Generated a bunch of logo ideas 

 just type the name of your brand then a few lines about your business here and click create content as you can see gravity right has generated a bunch of logo ideas these are pretty good okay let's try these ideas and see how our logo comes out just copy any idea go back to Bing paste it here and click create wow these logo Concepts look great Let's ignore the lettering for now but the logo image come out really well now make sure you try out these ideas too so you'll have more options to choose from all

 right I'm gonna select this one for my logo and once you've selected the image let's fix the text of the logo to do that first let's download the logo now we are going to use an online tool called canva to edit our logo so let's head over to canva.com and sign up for free I'm going to use my Google account so let me select this and choose my account and once you've signed in click on create a design select logo and here we can upload our logo and start customizing it so just go to uploads click upload files select your logo and click open now click on the logo and it will appear here first let's make our logo cover the

Send image as background 

 entire canvas just right click and click Send image as background alright next let's hide this text go to elements select the rectangle shape now place it over the text and match the color of the background using the Color Picker next let's add our brand name to do that go to text select the text style that will suit your logo then here double click on it and type the name of your brand I am going to add a slogan too now to change this text color just click on it now go here and choose the color you want in the same way let's change the color of this text too and our logo is ready looks great doesn't it to download it click on share then download here select PNG and click download again and the logo will be

SVG format and canva 

 downloaded to your computer let's have a look at a logo looks good but we can make it better in terms of quality right now this is in PNG format now to change this into a high quality image we might need this in SVG format and canva lets you download high quality SVG format only if you upgrade the plan but as I mentioned before I'm gonna show you how to create your logo for free so now we are going to convert this into a high quality logo without spending any money let's go to vectorizer.ai this tool can

 convert our PNG logo into high quality SVG format just drop your logo here and within seconds you have a high quality SVG logo the quality difference is remarkable and with SVG format you can edit the logo easily on any software like Photoshop illustrator Etc all right now you can click the download button and you will get a new logo that's it guys we have an incredible logo created just by using 

Ai and for free now if you're looking for more Amazing air tools like this one check out a video on the top 10 AI tools that you need to know and I hope you like this video so thanks for watching guys I'll see you guys in the next video take care bye bye 

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