Exploring Must-Try ChatGPT Chrome Extension Prompts You Might Overlook


"Exploring Must-Try ChatGPT Chrome Extension Prompts You Might Overlook"

hi guys have you ever felt like you're talking to a robot when you use  like you're pouring your heart out and all it's giving you is generic responses well I know how it feels but don't worry I'm here to help you make the most out of a robotic friend so welcome to my video on how to use chat GPT correctly or as I like to call it how to train your robot you see using charge apt is not like training a pet except instead of giving it treats you give it prompts and instead of wagging its tail it gives you a response so the bottom line is the better problems you give the better response you get so in our video we're going to be

 looking at how to give the right prompts to get the best possible results from charging Beauty and not just that I'll show you some tools and extensions that lets you use  in different ways and it's going to save your day so without much delay let's get started so you might be thinking if charging PPT is so smart why can't it generate high quality content on its own the truth is  is only as good as the prompts that you give it if you give it a vague or poorly written prompt it won't generate a high quality content

 but if you give it a clear and well structured prompt add some practical tips you can see that we've got a much better results with proper headings good outline and a well-structured article impressive right now instead of trading the prompts by yourself you can check out websites on the internet that has pre-written forms for almost all requirements that you may have so I browse through and found some cool websites here's an example here you can get prompts for any topic like marketing business web

Right prompts to get the best possible results

 development Etc all you need to do is go to the category you want and you can see different prompts just copy the one you want paste it on chart GPT and you can fill the space with your requirement and that's all your perfect result is ready now there are many websites like this and I found some very interesting prompts too check this out there are prompts that make chat Jeopardy act like an English teacher be your psychologist your personal trainer and anyone and trust me it does a really good job so let me know in the comment sections below which one you like the most alright guys now if you don't want to go through all the websites and find the prompts you want there's a Chrome extension that

 works directly on charge APD that is aiprm I've given a link in the description so you can add it and once you do that your charge GPS screen will look like this you'll get different types of prompts here now you will get these new options where you can set the writing style the tone for the output that you want to get now here you can search for any type of content you want to create or you can also select any topic here say you want to create an sc optimized article you can select this and that's all now you just have to enter the keywords for your article and there you go we've got the content now if we

 compare this content with the result from a normal prompt you can see this is much better okay so guys now you have an idea of how to get better results with the right problems next let's look at some more Chrome extensions that can help you get the most out of chat GPT one such extension is charged GPT writer this one helps you write emails quickly and more effectively let's see how it works just add the extension now if you go to Gmail and compose a mail you can see here we have the icon of the extension so just click on it and here enter what your mail is about now if you click generate the content for your email will be ready and if you click here it'll be added to your email it's that easy now more

Chrome extensions that can help

 interestingly with this extension you can also reply to any email so let's try it out let's open an email here and click reply now if we click on this icon you can see it has automatically read the content of the previous email and if you just enter what you want to reply and click here your perfect reply will be ready amazing right okay let's go to the next extension which is stat GPT for Google yes as the name

 says with this extension you can use charging pretty on Google so just add it now if you go to Google and search for something you can see along with the search results we're also getting the chat Deputy response for the search now this will be helpful for people who constantly use charge GPT so instead of opening a separate tab we can just go to Google and search for what they want and now it's bonus time

 now instead of creating the prompts by yourself you can make chat GPD create the prom for you I'm not kidding I found this prompt on the internet and if you use it on charge apt It'll ask you the questions to understand what you're looking for and it will create you the perfect prompt for your requirement so let's try that out now here you can see it is asking us what our prompt should be about so I'm going to create a prompt for the same meditation article we created so I'm going to enter that and it asks you for more questions this time it asked me what my article is about and who are the target audience let me

Asking you for more information

 enter that here and it's going to keep asking you for more information to give you a detailed prompt so you can enter all the details you want here and as you can see it has generated a long prompt so let's see what kind of result we can get from this prompt just copy this go to a new chat and paste it here we got a very detailed and a comprehensive article the best part is it gave us the content according to our needs and not just a generic one so I've given the prompt to generate prompts in the description okay so that's

 about it guys I hope this video is helpful for you and I have added the links to all the websites and extensions we saw today do check them out and leave a comment if you like them now if you're specifically looking to create blog posts there's an amazing air tool called gravity right which helps you create top-notch content if you want to know more about it check out this video so thanks for watching I'll see you guys in the next video take care bye .

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