5 High authority Indexable Backlinks | High Organic Traffic


5 High authority Indexable Backlinks | High Organic Traffic

the first website's domain Authority is 53  spam score is only five percent spam score   and second websites domain Authority is 53  spam score is only four percent spam score   and in third website you can see again domain  authorities 53 spam score is only one person   spam score and in fourth website you can see  domain authorities 35 spam score is only two   percent spam score and in fifth website you can  see domain authorities 37 and spam score is four   person spam score and two websites will give us  uh do follow backlink and three websites will   give us no follow back links creating backlink  on First Site is really very simple the first   site is our guest Post website and you can submit  your articles related to business entertainment   tech software and many other categories in this  website okay and

Categories in this  website

 this website will provide you creating backlink uh the procedure of  creating backlink on this website is   simple like on the top bar you can say  submit post option click on the submit   post and then they will give you uh  all the tutorial like what you have   to done like this one is the website link  just copy it and paste it in the new tab and you can see they also provided you the  username so let's fill it out and they also   provided you the password so you have to use these  login credentials to get logged on on this website   and now you can see uh WordPress dashboard and in   the top bar left hand side you can

 see  new Option and now click on post foreign Title Here the article here and do some SEO  for this article also so that you will get   100 approval here I also achieved my backlink here  and you can see this is my article get my backlink   also here and this backlink is no follow backlink  but it is 100 indexable okay so my backlink is 100   indexed also so you can also submit your backlink  here in the

Contextual based backlinks 

 same procedure the name of the website   you can see moxin 5 y c a f z g.com moxin 5 y  c a f z g.com and you will get login details by   clicking here submit post okay so do uh create  your backlinks on this website do acquire your   backlinks on this website and and get indexed  backlinks the second website will also give   you 100 contextual based backlinks so creating  backlink on this website is also really very   simple on the top bar right hand side you can see  register option just click on the register option   and you just need to fill out your full name email  address password or you can use your this option  

 also login with Google account so I am using  login with Google account option and now you   can see I have logged on this website and you can  also fill out your profile you can also complete   your profile option by uploading your logo here  and some basic information okay and now the main   thing is how to submit your article so now you  can see here you have option highlighted right   so click on the right button and now you can see  here you have option to submit your article so   let's fill it out very quickly so now you can see  I have added my cover photo here title here and   my article here but please you

 submit your very  detailed article here only then you will get full   benefit or to acquire backlink from this website  now you have to click on Save option okay now the   article is in the draft section so click on the  draft section and now click here publish button   now your article is published okay so now you  click on the uh your home page and now scroll down   your this web page and you will see here is your  backlink okay live backlink so just click it out and you can see you can you see your live link  here and if I talk about the no follow and do   follow this one is hundred percent no follow  backlink but this website will give you 100   indexable backlink okay so I have also created  my backlink here for my other SEO projects and   my those backlinks are also index so the  name of the website is guest country.com   guest country.com is our second backlink site  where you will get 100 indexable

No follow backlink  acquiring backlinks

 backlinks but   this backlink is your no follow backlink  acquiring backlinks from third website is   really very beneficial for you as you can  create multiple backlinks here also and   you can you will get one reference domain plus  your all backlinks will be indexed here and you   will get do follow backlink also so creating  backlink on this website is also very easy on   the top bar you people can see login or join  options so just click on login or join option   and now you can choose this Google option or  Facebook option so I am choosing Google option so   now use you can see I have logged on this

 website  and here is the dashboard of the website so just   click on this dashboard button and now you can  see a dashboard of your WordPress and now we have   to click on here new and now we click on post  option so here you have to add your title and   your article here okay so let's fill it out very  quickly so now you people can see I have added   My Title Here My article here and also added some  tags here okay so now click on publish button and   now we will check how our post is visible so click 

 on view post and you can see we have achieved our   backlink here and if I talk about the no follow  or do follow of the website or our backlink you   can see we have acquire 500 percent do follow  backlink here okay and the name of the website   is timesofrising.com times of presenting.com is  our third backlink website where you will get to   follow backlink and 100 indexable backlink okay  you can submit as many articles as you want so   let's talk about our fourth website fourth website  is our hundred percent indexable backlink and it   will give you 100 indexed backlink also so you  people can see I have achieved mine do follow   backlink here and you can see my name here also  but I will not

Index backlink 

 going to show you the tutorial as   this website is a bit time consuming website it's  loading is very very slow so as you people uh have   seen the name of this website hooduma dot social  suggests you need to translate this website to   English so I have translated my this website  you just need to create a new account and if   confirmation email will be sent you will confirm  that link and login here okay then you will see   an option like somewhere some here or to add a  post okay so you just need to click there and add   your article here okay but do not forget to add  your banner photo or some more good photos on the   article so this website will also give you 100 to  follow and index backlink so name of the website

DOT social you do  my DOT social

 I   am again repeating you do my DOT social you do  my DOT social is a web for do follow backlink   website name fifth website is our social sharing  website so backlink creation is also very easy on   this website so when you scroll it down you will  see register option so just click on the register   option and you will see a form like this you just  need to fill out this form and then click on let's   go option and a confirmation email will be sent on  the email which you filled out here and then you   just need to click on that link and then you can  log in on this website okay and and after login   on this website you can

 see this type of dashboard  and you just need to fill out uh and you just need   to create your post here it will take a very small  text so just fill it out very quickly so I have   copied my this description and fill it here and  then I will add my YouTube channel link so I will   create my YouTube pasted my YouTube channel link  here and then click on share options okay so you   will get multiple links here backlinks

Referring domain 

 here  and one referring domain and if I talk about   the do follow no fault of the website you can  see in this website is 100 no follow backlink   but it also provide you indexed backlink okay  so you just need to fill out its profile also   very smartly and achieve multiple backlinks from  profile and from this feed okay you can add your   photos here your videos your audios so multiple  type of backlinks you can acquire from this   website the name of the website is rehearso.com  rehearsal.com is our fifth website backlink name  

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