What Happens When You Post 5 ChatGPT Posts a day - English

What Happens When You Post 5 ChatGPT Posts a day - English

 hey guys welcome back to my channel this is the result of an experiment that I've done very very recently I did it for you guys because I kept getting the same question over and over again what happens if you post more than one blog post to your blog in one day so what did I do I posted one blog post you can see here 20th of February to 20th of February 3 20th of February you get the idea this is also the 20th and this is the 20th so let's see what happens when you write five blog posts in one day and you don't submit any of them to search console okay let's see what happens for this I got the

 keywords I just kind of use my brain I use Google Keyword Planner a little bit but it was more just you know what are people going to be searching for right now in this Niche so let's get into it what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be doing a breakdown of these articles to see how they're actually ranking sorry if my voice sounds a little bit funny I am still a little bit sick but yeah let's just get into it so the first thing I want to do is I want to make sure that they're all indexed so I'm going to copy them all one by one and I'm going to put them into the top bar of search console if any of these are not

earch console okay let's see what happens 

 indexed I will be a little bit unhappy to be honest with you so the first one is indexed let's see the second one remember I didn't submit these to search console I wanted to do a test where I was kind of like the Noob SEO and I didn't know what I was doing so I just didn't submit them to search console so far it looks like all of them are going to be on search consoles so maybe submitting to search console isn't even necessary I guess it depends on your website this one is also on search console we've only got two left guys let's hope that every single one is on search console because that will really really start

 this experiment off with a bang this is the final one five wardrobe Essentials for men let's see if this one is also on Google please please please it is okay so all five of them are on Google that's really really nice but that doesn't mean they're good articles yet the next parts of this is we have to check if they have any uh traffic I'm just going to change this to English because I realized the other day that I can just write en here and then put everything in English which makes it easier for everybody okay I just made myself a little bit smaller in case I was blocking any important information here so let's go new let's go on page and let's control V this here okay so the first one only has 18 Impressions that's not very good

 but considering it's a fairly new article and it hasn't been interlinked anywhere I would say that's pretty good five Impressions um let's see if most recent is more than five it is so it's a growing article eight is the largest we've ever had on this article so although not a great start I would say it's not that bad to be honest with you let's put it back on three months and let's do the second one okay so I made myself a

 gangs I realized I was probably over the Impressions let's go here this again not the best article 21 total Impressions no keywords picked up yet let's go most recent again not very good at all I am a little bit disappointed by this this is a live test I have no idea how these articles are actually doing so it looks like maybe these blog posts are not Niche enough to be honest with you like they're quite broad this one I have a very good feeling is doing well so let's have a look it's doing terrible I don't know how that's

 disappointed by that actually three 

 possible I'm very disappointed by that actually three best Italian cutsuit runs for a funeral I really thought that would be doing a lot better because it was less Niche interesting so I'll probably have to look into why these articles are not doing as well as my other articles 11 this looks like a grower uh how to dress for job interview guide for a man very interesting this looks like it's picked up some keywords as well if this most recent date is higher than eight then we're in the money it's currently three which kind of sucks but I think this article was a lot like better to be honest with you if that makes sense yeah this article is more Niche it's got more content it's got more information it's just a better article so I can definitely understand why Google is ranking this one and not the others let's have a look at this

 final one five wardrobe Essentials for men and then I'm going to show you a few other examples of this experiment that I did with uh I did another day where I did three articles okay so it looks like it looks like it's not working it might be too early to have made this article  but to be honest with you the fact that they're all indexed and the fact that some of them have keywords that for me is actually enough okay what I'm going to show you now is the result of another experiment that I did very similar this one so Urban summer this one this one this one these three articles were all posted on the same day I think the 8th of February 8th of February 8th of February and the 8th of February okay so what I did with this

 part of the experiment first of all it's been longer okay so the it's given Google more time to get data on the articles but secondly I kind of made a bit more effort with the photos at the top which is really really good for getting the click so let's see how these articles are doing let's see if they're indexed first of all as that's one of the most important parts of ranking on Google so the first one is indexed perfect let's have a look at this one here let's see if this one here is indexed I want to assume they're all indexed but you should never assume you should always check this one is also indexed and it looks like it has

 breadcrumbs as well which is pretty cool 

 breadcrumbs as well which is pretty cool and then this one here summer work outfits 2023 for this particular one I had a really good keyword method all I did was I went on Google Keyword Planner and I typed in summer for men summer dress for men summer outfit for men okay and then I looked for things and one of them was business casual attire for men in summer and it had something like almost a hundred thousand searches a month okay so I really really thought that was a good idea to very quickly find a lot of good keywords okay so let's see how these ones are doing I actually have no idea how

 these ones are doing I'm going to assume they're doing better but are they doing better yes holy crap wow it's just 35 keywords wow this is a lot better 35 Impressions let's see what the most recent date is let's see if it's grower we don't know yet because it's the beginning of the day so we're not actually sure yet for 2023 for men let's see how this one is doing 638 Impressions what so you can see that yeah it takes a little while these were posted on the seventh and then already after three yeah it looks like these articles they're jus


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