Simplifying Google Rankings with MidJourney: Your Path to Easy Success

Using MidJourney To Rank on Google Easily - English

 welcome to this article  where we're going to be talking about leveraging AI Tools in order to get the click this photo that you can see this um featured post on a Blog is actually created by Ai and I'm going to show you why it's important to do this and how we can actually do it in this article  I've been testing this out a little bit it's going pretty well so far so I thought I'd make a article  about it first of all why is it important so if you go on your Google search console you can actually set it by image SEO image SEO is a lot bigger than people seem to think and as you can see my image SEO is growing very very well if I add the um the filter to search console to only see what's in my blog you can see that 49 000 impressions in three months come from pictures okay and that means if you don't have a good cover

necessarily going to get the click 

 photo for your blog you're not necessarily going to get the click and that's why it's so important to do this so what I want you to do is I want you to go to or you can just go on the link in the description and it will take you to this mid-journey prompt thank you to Matt wolf for this absolutely amazing uh tool you can uh website sorry you can just Google you can search Batwolf on YouTube he's got an amazing YouTube channel really really good I really really like it but for now I'm on this mid-journey prompt and what we're gonna do is we're going to try and create something like this some

 beautiful image that we can then use as a featured image and then I'm going to show you how to edit that in canva so let's stick with my Niche classic menswear and let's find a fake article to write about okay so we're just going to create a generic Italian suit uh thing so what I've done is I've I've had I'm Italian suit and then what this does is it gives us a list of potential image prompts okay but obviously we have to be quite careful or what we can do is we can just try a few so I'm actually just going to try this one here I'm going to go over to Discord and if you don't know how to use mid Journey then you're probably gonna have to watch a different article  to learn how to use my journey but because I have

 I can PM or DM the bot 

 premium I can PM or DM the bot so I can just copy and paste directly and then just hit enter and that will create an image for me okay so actually I love these results probably from for the website I'm working for specifically I would have to change a few things because it's a bit too grungy so I'd probably have to remove the word grunge let's just say this one one of these works for me so I kind of like this one here number three it goes one two three on um mid-journey so let's upscale version three

 and I'll let that load as well so the reason I really like this website is because I'm personally not very good at thinking of prompt okay so it's much nicer to just be able to put like cat and then generate Styles and then instantly you can see that it's created loads of different ones that you can play around with I much prefer that to trying to find my own Styles because I'm not very good with Aesthetics 

I don't even know what the art styles are called etc etc so yeah I'll leave a link to how to leverage mid-journey prompt generator in the description and then just because I do this every single time I use kind of an idea from someone else this is Matt wolf incredible content and channel is exploding right now definitely check out his content although a shout out from me is probably not going to affect him very much because he's getting a lot of views right now okay perfect scaled up image Italian suit etc 

etc so what I'm going to do is I'm going to save this image here and then I'm going to bring it into canva the reason we do this I'll show you right now the reason that we do this uh I don't have canva Pro so that's actually probably an advantage because I don't want to use canva Pro and I just need to check the featured image resolution for Shopify okay so this is 1400 by 788 so what I'm going to do is obviously upload the image to here be here okay perfect and then what you're going to want to do is you can

 either set it as background like this but it kind of loses a little bit of quality so what I like to do instead is I like to just do it like that and then put it in the middle and then you can put the background there's kind of the same color here you can't really see that it's not the same so that works pretty well then you just want to want to put some text the text does have to be in the middle which kind of sucks but because if you put it here or here or here or here Google will actually cut it off so if I do um uh old

background like this but it kind of loses

 money let's see if I can find an example of that using my own website no okay let's go on images yeah here's a perfect example look you can't see the text at all here obviously you can see the image but you can't actually see the text that oh okay wow a bad example but you get the idea basically they cut the they cut the text off unless it's in the middle so it's good to put it in like the middle like this and we're just going to put something like um guide to Italian okay so this is obviously a much more clickable

 photo than something that we had before do that let's put the transparency down a little bit and let's change the font so we can actually see the font okay there we go that is now a featured image which is much more clickable it's kind of a weird example because this wouldn't necessarily fit with my Niche it's too grungy it's too like cyberpunky etc but the image is very clickable compared to just having like the picture a picture of a suit or


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