Discover Hot Print-on-Demand Niches: A Simple Method for High Demand, Low Competition

Revolutionary Print-on-Demand Research Technique Uncovering High Demand, Low Competition Gems

hello guys welcome back to my channel this is going to be a print on demand keyword article  it's going to be Redbubble Etsy you know whatever print-on-demand platform you're on this is perfectly relevant so what we're going to be doing is we're going to be using this spreadsheet which I actually talked about I created this spreadsheet a few weeks ago to be used with the tool SEO stack I think it's called yeah SEO stacked but one of my users actually pointed something really really interesting out to me which is that we can also use it on Google ads so first of all let's just create a new Google ad account I do this every time because it's complicated and oh I can't actually create anymore okay so

Create a new Google ad account

 normally I always create a new account but apparently I've now used all the accounts up so I'll click on this one that says set up in progress and hope yes okay so you'll see the screen if you cannot see this thing at the bottom that says switch to expert mode it's because you're too zoomed in so just zoom out and then click on switch to expert mode you also cannot see that option if you're on mobile okay so they're pretty sneaky about how they do it because they want you to use their flow they didn't spend years designing this beautiful flow just for you to click on create an account without a campaign so

 obviously they're a little bit sneaky about it and they want you to use their flow okay once you're on this page if you click on tools and settings if you cannot see the keyword tool then just zoom out a little bit and then click on Keyword Planner okay you guys know that I love this tool I always use this tool in pretty much all of my article s because it's just the best tool to be honest with you change the language and the country to whatever you you want and then you can find this spreadsheet in the description let's start with t-shirt Ramen like this so my viewer said that you can actually take this spreadsheet which I made and you can use it um in this tool instead of the tool that I originally was talking about and I

I originally was talking about 

 thought that was really really interesting and I checked it out and it works really really well to be honest with you so let's look for a decent keyword I need to zoom in a little bit because I do not have my glasses on right now okay so for some reason this keyword is not appearing even though I just literally found it like 10 minutes ago that's kind of weird but I found a really really cool um keyword which was Corgi eating Ramen I found it using this uh keyword method that I'm trying to write in this

 article  but the reason I wanted to quickly um talk about this is because we can actually use Dali to create this for us okay you could also use mid journey I think my journey is still free I'm not 100 sure I've never actually used mid-journey so you'll have to check that out for yourselves but once you find a decent keyword like Corgi eats and ramen if you don't know how to design it then you can just use this tool so Corgi eating Ram and we'll leave that to generate we could put the word cartoon in there we you know we could put t-shirt design whatever it might be I just want to see what comes up if I say Corgi eating Ramen to be honest with you I'm ready ready curious yep perfect that's exactly what we needed now we have a keyword Corgi eating Ramen and we have a design which we can use um for print on

 demand you're allowed to use this okay uh I have talked about this in previous articles but you can just it put it on canva and then yeah now you have a cool heat YouTube Ramen okay so let's just have a look at some of these other niches let's try zombies so zombie I don't know sorry article  games let's try article  games so the really interesting thing about Google adword Keyword Planner is it comes up with words that are not necessarily being used in the search so I searched for t-shirt Star article  games and it came up with Pac-Man shirts which is not really it's using a different word which is super super

with Pac-Man shirts which is not really

 interesting to me okay super super interesting okay that's a good one there uh article  games ruin my life did I just see that there we go article  games ruin my life let's search that and let's do search Redbubble I'm focusing on Redbubble but you don't have to you can also just use you know whichever print on demand website you actually want to use I just decided one day that Redbubble was my favorite 168 results that's really good let's get rid of t-shirts and see how many results there are 170 results uh uh

 okay that's a really really good one ninja disguise shirt article  I don't know what that means lamps in article  games use real electricity sure  what a weird keyword foreign results another really really interesting one that I don't think I ever would have found without using this particular method let's try zombies because I was curious about zombies before another thing you can do is you can actually put in more than one of these keywords at the same time so you can just um you can get rid of zombies for example and just put all of them like that and hit enter and this will search all of them at the same time and then what you can do if you want to really really streamline the process is you can click on

  here or if you want to see um kind of less popular things but also trending things you can click on three month change and you can have a look at what is currently trending so Grassroots bands t-shirts father mother son t-shirts I want to be a slave merge okay motherhood is a walk in the park t-shirt perfect that's exactly what we were looking for guys Redbubble 38 results beautiful the actual

beautiful f-u-c-k perfect Redbubble

 keyword 80 results beautiful beautiful beautiful f-u-c-k perfect Redbubble amount of results that's quite a lot never mind I was not expecting that to have that many results to be honest with you I'm only talking to my dog today perfect another really really good one uh Redbubble does not have the search result page there which is a bit of a shame for a thousand results really big keyword oh this is a good one I have two titles Mom and Grandma I definitely didn't miss wreath word titles when I was reading this


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