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Two FREE Redbubble Indexing Tricks Youve Never Thought Of - Get Indexed on Google Redbubble SEO

 hey guys what is going on welcome back to my  channel it's been a couple of days since I made   a article  I've been learning how to program so I  haven't really had time I wanted to talk about   kind of two things in this article  um the first one  is where I found the original idea for this shirt   and the second one is this listing here which  is super super interesting if you know anything   about Google my business then yeah you'll be  super interested to see that this is appearing   on the search result page and Redbubble  is not appearing on the search result page   I'll get into that in a second but I just want  to talk about a potential method that I thought   about just because of the way human behavior  actually

because of the way human behavior

 works let me open up a board here   the way that we work as humans is we we tend to  follow the people uh that we that we watch Okay so   I was watching a article  by Ludwig Ludwig whatever  who is a YouTuber slash YouTube streamer and he   was actually wearing this t-shirt in a article   that was released probably about five days ago so in that kind of five days if you immediately  post this t-shirt idea onto Redbubble   there's probably you can almost guarantee  that there's going to be an influx of   people searching for this keyword when  Ludwig gets maybe six hundred thousand   it was on his

 second Channel mobile mail 600 000  views uh even if only one percent of those people   then search for that but still uh six thousand  people so as long as you're quick then I would   say this is a pretty good way to find keywords  so what you can do is you can actually go through   twitch you can go to the best twitch streamers  on the side here and if any of them are wearing   like text-based t-shirts or

 interesting t-shirts  with interesting names then yeah you can maybe   make a design around them and that was the that  was the idea I wanted to make a article  about and   maybe you guys can now go ahead and do that and  the key word was something similar similar to   this keyword it was actually kind of a stupid  version of this I don't need Google my wife   my wife's boyfriend knows everything is what he  was actually wearing and then I used uh the Google I'd say I'm learning how to do JavaScript guys   that's not what I'm trying to show you now  though oh here it is I used Google adword   Keyword

Google adword   Keyword

 Planner to see if there are any variation  designs so I don't need Google my wife knows   everything I don't need Google my daughter knows  everything my wife's boyfriend knows everything   etc etc my son knows everything only 10  people that is the difference zero to   ten people search for that whereas up to 1 000  people search for this that's actually hilarious anyway uh so first of all yeah obviously this  has the word Google in it so be careful with   copyright it's just an example guys let me show  you this incredibly interesting website if you   don't know if you have a Google my business which  is completely free to set up all you have to do   to get a Google my business unless they've changed  this but as far as I'm aware they haven't changed   it you just go on Google type in GMB let's  actually do that do they still have GMB yeah   Google business profile um so you may you you  log in you

 then you can make a Google website

 create an account et cetera Etc   you could call it like whatever your Redbubble  store is called it doesn't actually have to be   a registered company or anything and then what you  do is you send the uh verification to your house   you can send it to your house or I don't know  you can do other things but I would send it to   your house personally and then once it arrives  you basically have a Google my business and   then you can make a Google website actually  thinking about it do you even need to do oh maybe you don't even have to do that on the computer I open new Google sites oh yeah  this is it oh okay so the all this person has   done is they've created a okay  sorry ignore what I just

 told you about Google my   business it's actually not relevant and you just  make one of these websites uh really really simple   let's just hit blank here I've never done this  before um so yeah uh so um stream Surfer t-shirt so yeah it's a basic um what's it called it's  a basic um website builder so you can embed   here by URL so if I go on my Redbubble  uh wait okay so let's try uh clicking on   a random one and let's try and embed this in  the website I'd actually know if this will work   but this is really oh yeah it does  work holy crap interesting wow   super super interesting guys this is like a  this is a really free

 backlink Jesus Christ there's actually a link and then if  I hit publish here web address now I want them to show my website if they  publish and that's it I think I'm pretty   sure that's done that's pretty click View  sites view stream server t-shirts   slash home so what this person has done here  they've it looks like they've added a new   page update acquisition form Pages add new page um yeah this is what I've done this  is exactly what they've done and then they've just added that page I

I hit publish here web address now

 haven't  got this uh uh I haven't made this design I'm   not planning on making this design so I'm not  going to be able to do exactly what they've done   but all they did was they put the title and then  they've embedded the product it looks like yeah   this is super interesting guys if you can rank on  Google doing this then I also this will help your   products get indexed I have a strong theory that  if you give good

 social media backlinks social   and also things like Google websites Google  site and also Google my business the thing I   mentioned before if you also do that then it's  like the triple whammy to be honest with you   and that should add a lot of what is known  as authority to your store and not only   does it add authority to your store this Google  website can also rank independently of Redbubble just like I showed you in this article  to me that's  super interesting and it's also free so of course   I had to make a article  about it thanks for watching  guys I hope this


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