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 hello guys and welcome back to my channel god it feels good to say that this article  is going to be an updated article  about how to do keyword research for a blog post website I do have an entire series coming very very soon on how to set up a website from scratch but unfortunately one of well the sponsor is currently not responding to me I'm not too bothered about sponsors but if I'm going to spend probably 50 hours or so making a course I do want it to have a sponsor okay and the sponsor is going to be the tool that I use for hosting anyway so yeah but for now let's just talk about keywords and I want to talk specifically about the keyword tool on so Google ads Keyword Planner which has been updated

Google ads Keyword Planner

 ladies and gentlemen which is an amazing thing to see it's actually got or gotten even more powerful so this is Google ads Keyword Planner you may or may not be familiar with this if you do not know how to get to this screen here there will be a article  in the description that will show you exactly how to set it up however once you're on the screen what you want to do is you want to click on discover new keywords and we're going to type in English here and we're going to put you we're going to remove Italy actually I'm going to put United States this current keyword method is by far the best way to get

 quick traffic traffic on a website whether that's a new website an old website it really doesn't matter this is literally the best way to find keywords right now so what you want to do is you want to break your topic into really really broad terms okay so for example I am in the fashion Niche or the men's fashion Niche so what I'm going to do is I'm going to type in male fashion male style men fashion men's style men clothes male clothes okay what this does is it puts all of your Niche into one easy to digest format for Google or for the keyword tool and let's actually have a look at what's changed in the keyword tool

 what's changed in the keyword tool

 that makes it so good right now so the first thing is you can actually see like the overall amount of traffic that you can expect if you were number one for every single keyword in this Niche so it's 30 million 20 million the niche is pretty big as you can see okay another thing you can do which you could always do is you can refine the keywords so let's say you are not selling any Brands so you could for example remove brands from your keywords I'm not going to do that because we sell Brands okay but just in case you wanted to do that that's how you do it another thing that you can do is you can click on keyword view we'll talk about that actually after actually but you can click on keyword view and you put it on grouped view I'll talk about the relevance of that a little bit later this is the new Google ads


 Keyword Planner these lines here I've never seen before okay I saw them on one YouTube article  once I had no idea how they got to that point and then I think it's something to do with my other Google ads account being banned for some reason that even though I've paid the amount of money they told me to pay I have no idea what's going on with that okay but for some reason this has this Google ads Keyword Planner has this line here and my other one doesn't I still like to do the exact same thing but before I do that I like to just see if there's any others that are relevant to our business High fashion is

 incredibly relevant to our business so I'm going to put it on and also men's store I may as well add it just to get a few more keywords right now you can be finished with this process already okay and you can just click uh let's it as a Google sheet let's it and then that's the report done you've now completed your keyword research move on to the next point or what you can do is

 Themselves okay so you can offer to do keyword 

 you can look for one specific blog post that you want to write and this is what I've been doing recently you've got two options you can do year-on-year change or three month change in my opinion three month change is much much much better let's just quickly open this so we can see you can see here that there's a huge amount of keywords here and you can very easily format this into a nicer format or whatever it might be you can also just send this to a client and people will pay for this because they don't know how to get it themselves okay so you can offer to do keyword research for someone and you can just literally send them this which took me a few minutes to make and you're done already so what we're going to be doing instead is we're going to be looking at the three month change and we're going to zip past the infinite because I actually don't care about the infinite although I will say I will say that

 potentially in the future these infinites might be huge keywords okay because what infinite X actually means okay so this symbol infinite whatever it's an eight okay the symbol infinite means that it was zero and now uh three months ago okay nobody was searching for it but now I guess it's one or more okay but this is how Trends are born you have to realize this okay so for example I just saw a really interesting keyword for me which is shorts with a blazer with shorts so for me already this is a really good example of an article that in a few months might be popping okay I really don't know it's very

 hard to say because you can see as well year on year changes minus 67 which means it previously was a good keyword but now it's probably not such a good keyword okay so you have to be very very careful with the infinites so what I actually like to do is I like to scroll past all of the infinites and I like to go to the big ones so gents wear it only has 20 searches a month but look at that curve plus 1 600

 I would say in a few months who knows gents wear could be a keyword with 1 000 searches per month okay so the really important thing to know is that if you get on a trend okay at the beginning of that Trend and I have done this before using the exact logic that I'm showing you in this article  this is how I found the absolutely insane keyword that I have


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