Unlocking ChatGPT's SEO Strategy: Insights from an SEO Pro

SEO Pro Shares ChatGPT SEO Strategy - English

 In this article  I'm going to give you a prompt to create long-form informational content that will rank on Google it will be unique and most likely it will pass AI detection as well the way that we're going to do this is we're going to use a prompt that specifically tells gpc4 to create a informational article but first of all let's talk about the difference between the types of content that I actually produce and you can see here this is the search console for isoots which is the main website that I write for and this is one of those informational articles that I wrote maybe two years ago no not two years ago like a year ago less than a year ago so I only read this article I would say yeah a year and a bit ago and you can see that the total eclipse of 30 000 total Impressions 2.3 million I hand wrote this article I hand made the

 infographic in this article but it is a very good sign to show how much traffic you can get from one of these informational articles there are a few different types of articles that you can write for SEO mainly on two men which is the new website that I made for the same business I've mainly been doing kind of uh very short listical articles which don't have that much juice on them the reason I'm doing that is because I want some quick wins that can grow while I now spend some time manually and also with gbt4 creating some informational content so these ones that I've been writing here they're all kind of like summer wedding outfits concert outfits prom outfits um brunch outfit for men men's Coachella

Infographic in this article but it 

 outfits all of these are subjective okay you can subjectively wear either a t-shirt or a shirt or even a suit to a concert it's it's your choice right it's subjective however I've been asked many times to create something for objective articles okay and thanks to datadrivendaily.com the person that owns this website they asked me to shout out their website if I used their prompt I am using their prompt although I've changed it a little bit and made a little bit better in my opinion however they asked me to shout them out so this is their shout out check out datadrivendaily.com I'm not really sure what they do they

 do like uh data strategy templates so if you're into that then definitely check them out but their prompt that they created was really really good I must say and I wanted to show you this in this article  and obviously you can find it in the description as usual and all that good stuff let's take a little look at the prompt and I'm going to change the focus keyword and I'm actually going to use I'm going to show you something really special to how I how you can sometimes find amazing keywords in fact I'll just show you that now so I have two websites let's say you have a really really good website and you want to

 make another website in the same Niche um to like support that website or whatever it might be what you can do is you can find your winning articles sort by Impressions and then just steal your own keywords okay so black tie dress code is an amazing an amazing keyword you can see in 16 months but not including kind of up to maybe like here so maybe like a year it's at 380 000 Impressions I'm doing maths in my head at the same time as speaking it's about 3 000 Impressions a day I think that might be

So please write a comprehensive

 a little bit off but so please write a comprehensive 1 500 word article about black tie dress code the reason I specifically chose black try black tie dress code is because 99 of the time you need to wear a tuxedo with a bow tie there is room for experimentation but if you're not like a really famous celebrity or whatever you should wear a tuxedo and a bow tie let's say the Met Gala things like that very very

 rarely like Robbie Downey Jr to the Oscars he wore a suit once but he's Robbie Downey Jr okay so if you're just if you're invited to a black tie event you should normally 99 of the time where a tuxedo and a bow tie that are black so write an article about this that is engaging easy to understand and unique make the content Punchy and engaging by using a conversational tone incorporating real life examples and taking a storytelling approach I really like this part of the prompt this is uh part of their prompt I didn't

 add this and the reason for that is because it gives everything step by step and creates an entire story for the article instead of just giving you the information at random points that might not make sense ensure the article links to kit on you don't necessarily have to do this I'll show you why in a second optimize on-page SEO four and then we're going to change this to Black Tie dress code with high keyword density and inclusion in headers that's good for SEO use markdown headers without boldening them that saves characters because you're not wasting characters on Bolding them and avoid providing a

 Contents that saves characters again

 table of contents that saves characters again the writing should appear human-like and I will provide additional prompts as needed to reach the desired word count talk about kit on for their suits we're just going to quickly change this so we're going to talk about kids on for their suits boss for their suits we don't sell tuxedos Okay the reason I haven't written this article already on our website is because we

 don't have any tuxedos but I'm just using this as an example which can be paired blah blah including these Brands let's just carry this because that's going to mess up the article include these Brands natively inside the article do not use them as headings just include them in the actual content this is the part that I added guys okay right from an analytical perspective and give the user a step-by-step guide on how to dress for a while naturally including the brands that I gave you and then at the end of The Prompt I've added this this is also myself


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