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Save Time with This EPIC AI Designer for Your Business - English

 hello and welcome to this article  where I'm going to be talking about Microsoft's new design tool which is called Microsoft designer first of all you're going to want to sign up for the waiting list so just go on Google type in Microsoft designer and just click on here I can't actually click it anymore because obviously I have an account but basically make an account in less than 24 hours you should see this page here this is what makes this tool so much better than something like canva so what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you an example I want to create an Instagram post for the launching of my spring

 I want to create an Instagram post

 summer 2023 campaign okay and then the really cool thing is you can then go you can either go from this device from your phone on my media I'm going to click on my media because I already have some photos uploaded here and let's just go with this one here and then hit save and then hit generate what's

 going to happen is it's going to automatically create some a completely unique and very very quick and easy set of social media posts what you can do is let's say you like this one you can press customize design you can customize it in various ways you can add whatever you want but on the side you'll see this thing that says Copilot this co-pilot thing on the side is extremely useful and it changes whenever you add something new to the design so again this is completely new this is not like canva at all I would say this is much better than canva so let's start with the basics first of all you're going to want to click

 on you're going to want to click on Styles and if you don't have a business yet and you don't have a palette that you want to work with yet then you can choose one from here so let's say you like the Modern Love kind of thing if you click on here it will change everything to that color palette okay obviously that color palette's a little bit garish so what I'm going to do instead is I'm going to find um a good font I think we use Roboto so we'll use Roboto black like that and then we'll hit next and then subheadings we'll do Roboto condensed like that and then for the body let's see if there's another Roboto doesn't look like it so we'll just use the same one we'll hit go to colors and then what we're

Colors by using a color dropper

 going to do is we're going to find our Colors by using a color dropper on the logo so let me just find the logo I don't know where our logo is it looks like it's at the top there so pick color from page no okay let's go on Google type in two men logo yeah that doesn't come up okay so there's the color there so we'll try and grab it from here so pick color from page looks like obviously you guys will already have your colors so it'll be a little bit different for you guys I don't seem to be able to get be able to get my

 color here which is kind of annoying let's just say I got the color and we'll move on so I'm going to add black and that kind of gold color although I can't really add the gold color because I don't have it but let's say it's that let's say that's our color even though it's not and then we'll go with black here and that should be everything we need at least three colors so we'll do white as well and then hit done and then save so this is our brand now so if I click on this one there we go perfect so this is how you keep

 everything nice and consistent on this frankly amazing design tool but there are a couple of other things I want to show you first of all there's all the fonts that you can choose from just like canva but this is currently free remember guys it's currently free it might not be free forever but it is currently free it also has this amazing little Arts generation it uses Dali too which isn't necessarily the best but it's also not necessarily the worst but the best thing is that you can actually add your own media and what

 actually happens is when you add a piece of media if you look at the co-pilot on the side it'll give me some ideas of how to add the New Media to the already existing post this is something that canva does not do and this makes Microsoft designer a lot better than canva for me personally because I don't

 always know how to do these things okay whereas this tool let's add this instead for example oh let's just add it here let's see what happens this should give us an option for three things now which would be really nice you can see that I'm actually just going to replace that with that if I can okay whatever you get the idea with the uh with with that particular part of the tool for some reason the co-pilot's gone

 there we go cover part is back I really love this and you can also make little article s with this so that's really really that's a really really nice effect as well so the actual art generation part is probably not even necessary to be honest with you what this tool really does for you is it allows you to very quickly and

 very easily create new designs so an Instagram post you can change this to real if you want a article  or if you want something like a Blog a featured blog post um image about uh best for season suits then we'll hit generate again yeah sorry about the noise in the background I am currently at work it is lunch time but I really wanted to get this article  out so you can see here feature blog post image about best Four Season suits I hit generate use that image again and it gives all of these different example

I hit generate use that image

 examples of uh potential blog post featured images that you can use it's already got the right resolutions which is perfect all you have to do is choose one that you like and let's say I like this one and then press customize design you can then instantly  that make sure you hit remove Watermark  it like that this makes my life so much easier let me show you some live examples of this app play so here's some examples that I made earlier and this just makes my life so much easier

 I waste so much time creating little things like this on canva probably about 10 minutes per article but now it's so much quicker and easier another little thing I did was I tried to make a little um like infographic type thing for the middle of the article the reason I did this is twofold number one is because it helps people stay on the article for longer but number two it might actually be indexed on Google itself which might rank fairly well for some keywords related to


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