Unlocking the Full Potential of ChatGPT Output: A Comprehensive Guide in One Script

Maximising ChatGPT Output with one Script - English

 uh hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this article  I'm gonna do something that people say that they're gonna do many many times in their lives many YouTubers say it etc etc but this time this is for real I am going to change the way that you do SEO forever in this article  I'm going to give you something that I've been working on for over six years and I'm going to give you it completely for free I'm going to explain how to use it and this is going to save you hundreds of hours overall let's get into this article  where I'm going to give you an automatic internal linking script which can be run on Google documents and save yourselves and absolute metric ton of time let's get into it so 99 of people 

automatic internal linking script 

 have something like this are going to try and sell it okay I'm not even gonna give you an email sign up there's no sign up there's no catch nothing I'm just going to give you the script and I'm going to show you how to use it but before we get into that let's quickly talk about what are internal links and why are they important so this is what an internal link looks like as you can see there are certain hyperlinks in this post that I made and you can see that each one has a hyperlink in it but what does that actually mean so if I go over this image here that says slacks you can see that it's leading to the pants collection on the website that I work for why would I put something that says slacks which goes to pants the

 reason is that in America dress pants are often known as slacks and slacks actually has a much higher search rate than pants okay but logically speaking this page should be called pants because they're dress pants and not slacks because not everyone knows what slacks are so what I can do with an internal link is I can give SEO for the keyword slacks to the page pants okay that's the first thing that an internal link is good for the second thing that they're good for is you have to think of it from the perspective of Google an internal link is like a reference point it's like when you write an essay for University or for school or whatever and you put a little footnote and you tell people where you got that information

ranking without any internal links 

 from it's kind of like that the the basic use of an internal link is to tell people where they can get more information about something on your website however that's what they're supposed to be for but what they actually do is much more important and it's the reason that I'm making this article  it's the reason that I've spent so long trying to discover how to do what I'm about to show you how to do before I show you I want to talk a little bit more about the importance of internal links there is a huge difference in for example this blog post ranking without any internal links and this blog post ranking and giving power

 to the rest of my pages okay so let me give you an amazing example of this this is without a doubt one of the most important pages on my website okay this is page number one I really need people to find this page here but if it was just the category or the collection with images etc etc and that's it and a little bit of text there's not going to be a high chance that Google is going to say yes okay this is a good

 important page on your website and therefore I'm going to rank it okay you have to always be thinking from the perspective of Google so what can we do to change or to control this what we can do is we can use internal links from our blog posts to our important pages okay so let's go on this blog post I wrote yesterday and you can see there's an internal link here to cesareini internal link to kit on internal link to cap energy Marco pescarolo etc etc Santoni designer sneakers all of these things are the reason that I'm

 even writing blog posts in the first place this is something that people don't fully understand they think that the point of a blog post is to rank the blog post just for ranking's sake but it's not the point of a blog post is to give power to the more important pages on your website the more internal links that this kit on page has the the better it will rank on Google okay what I try and teach or what I've been trying to teach in my last kind of five or six article s is that you can build topical Authority by writing blogs but

teach in my last kind of five or six article

 it's pointless if you don't then have internal links okay that's the importance of internal links but now let's talk about how to actually make an internal link there is the traditional way and there is the new way which I'm going to show you so let's say Italian menswear brand is a really good keyword for me normally what I do is I highlight I press Ctrl K and you either that you either write the link or you can

 just copy and paste the link like this and let's say I wanted to go to my home page and then you just hit enter that might not might not seem that long but you have to realize that you have to read your text again you have to find the right keywords you have to find the link okay let's say I want to go to boots so I have to find this let's say it's not in my navigation how do I find the link it's just an annoying okay but there is a better way that I have discovered with the help of a good friend of mine so first things first credit where credit is due in the description there is a copy or a link to this document here it's called

 Auto keyword filler first of all credit where credit's due article Fiesta thank you so much for doing this uh script for everybody this is a interesting way to create content that has photos etc etc they even give you a free article or two free articles without a credit card so if you want to give it a try guys give it a try this is not sponsored article  it's just they deserve the credit for giving us this script which is why I'm shouting them out now okay there is a link in the description it's not an affiliate link but feel free to

 check out article Fiesta and thank you so much for creating this in the description there is a link to this document all you need to do is click on file make a copy you'll see here Apps scripts files and functionality will also be copied that's exactly what we want so you click make a copy and then what we do is we're going to get some random text from one of the articles that I've already written okay so I've what all you need to do is you do control a and you delete everything on this page okay and then

I did it without um the formatting 

 you can control V and post your text here I did it without um the formatting because some of them had hyperlinks etc etc this is the first stage the second stage is we need to make a Google sheet okay this might seem complicated but once you get used to this guys this is going to save you thousands of hours okay so I do recommend watching this article  and continuing to pay attention because this will change the way you do SEO let's just find the spreadsheet that I've got I will also show you how to make this spreadsheet just because I don't want people getting confused but this is what the spreadsheet looks like okay something like this in column A there are keywords in column B there are links the way that I made this is I made this using ahrefs by exporting my keyword information the other way that you can do this is search console we will talk about that in a second but for now let's actually just run the script

 so all you need to do is you need to copy this like number here so after the D and before the edit there is a really long number all we're going to do is we're going to go back in here we're going to click on extensions and app scripts this will take us to the script directly and we're just going to see where it says this is the ID of the sheet with your keywords you just want to highlight this and hit Ctrl V okay and then hit save and then hit run this is then going to do the same thing that we I showed you in a like a

 few article s ago you have to give it permission to run on your project so review permissions login to your account advanced and then go to add blah blah blah so click at the bottom and click allow like this this will now run and then if I click on here there should be links yes as you can see it's now automatically added the internal links for me it hasn't worked perfectly just because of the way that I created the this particular spreadsheet um it wasn't relevant necessarily to this text here but you can see that at the very least it's added the hyperlinks okay you can now copy and paste this into


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