Mastering SEO Content with ChatGPT Your Guide to Effective Writing

Mastering ChatGPT For SEO Content - English

this article  is going to be the only process you  will ever need to create content using chat GPT   incredibly quickly that will rank on Google now  if that interests you make sure that you watch   this article  until the very end I'm also going to  be giving you a free script which will internally   link all of the content that you write for you  let's talk about prepping and prompting chat   chat GPT and let's get it to give us some amazing  unique content I have this entire process down   in the description so feel free to check out the  description where you will find this document here   which tells you exactly what

Where you will find this document here

 I'm doing first of  all you need Google ads Keyword Planner to find a   keyword you can watch the article  in the description  if you don't know how to set this up but I've got   it on English and the United States and what  I'm going to do is I'm going to search for   how to dress for men what this does is it prompts  this Keyword Planner that I'm looking for keywords   in this Niche and it will take things like how  to dress for a date mail and it'll tell me that   up to 1000 people search this every month I want  something that can get me some quick traffic so   I'm going to look for something that is currently 

 trending what I like to do is I look for 900   trending things how to dress in your 20s mail this  is a perfect keyword so we're going to copy this   keyword here once we've copied this keyword we're  going to search it on Google and then I'm going   to go down to the people also asked section and  I'm just going to click a few of these like this   in order to get a few more open and  then I'm going to copy it like this   and I'm going to take this into chat GPT this  is where the magic starts to happen Okay so foreign here is I want to write an article  today with a keyword how to dress in your   20s mail

 do you understand I'm going to  hit enter and chat GPT will tell me yes I   can understand blah blah blah blah so what do  we actually want chat GP to help us with here   we want to continue to prompt or prep in this  case chat to GPT and what I'm going to say is   so this is the most important part of this  people keep coming back to me and saying this   doesn't work this won't rank it just gives  you pointless content Etc I'm now going to   give it some information about my brand so that it  knows not to talk

 about my brand in a certain way as you can see I'm writing do you understand at  the ever at the end of every sentence here because   I want to know that uh chat GPT is actually  understanding what I'm saying okay and we're   now going to prep chat GPT to make sure that  it knows to use bullet points headings etc etc so again I'm just continuing to prep chat  GPT this is not prompting yet this is still   the prepping side so you can see that  blah blah blah I understand blah blah   blah okay so first thing we're going  to do is we're going to copy this list   of keywords here and we're going to  say we're going to

certain way as you can see I'm writing 

 continue to prep okay so I've added these keywords so that  we can try and grab some featured Snippets   etc etc you can see that it thinks  that I've asked it to write an article that's fine these are now kind of  stored inside chat GPT basically okay so now I'm going to show  you the amazing thing that I   did the other day on Chachi PT which was this here I started off by um asking chat GP basically to  make me a script and amazingly chat gbt at the end   it just made this script for me which does exactly  what I need it to do and you will find this script   in the description okay but I'm going to show you 

 how this script actually works so what we do is   we go on extensions and we click app scripts  like this this takes us to   and then I'm going to add this script that I  have here so I'm going to copy and paste it I'm   going to take a keyword from here so I'm going  to put Google ad Keyword Planner just so that   we can see this as an example I think you guys  are going to be blown away by this and we want   this to link to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner  obviously so that's exactly what we're going to do   and then we're going to click save project which  will save it obviously and then run the project it   will pop up with something saying that we need  to give permission for this to actually run so   we'll just let this load real quick and we'll let  this review permissions like this we're going to  

Advanced go to Project  blah blah allow 

 sign into the accounts Advanced go to Project  blah blah allow and then this should give it   permission to run on my system okay so if I click  here now you can see that this has actually given   a hyperlink okay so to understand what we can do  with this is I'm going to click on app scripts   and I'm going to click on two men script this is  the internal linking that I'm doing automatically   you can see it's incredibly complicated okay and  I have a lot of links to add to each article but   what I did was let me show you exactly what I did  because I think this is really really smart and   this will save you a lot of time in the future is  you can copy this and take it to Google Sheets and   we are going to get back to

 chat GPT in just one  second once you're in Google Sheets you want to   hit Ctrl V then click on this little paste thing  here and click split text columns this will put   this information here in this column then you want  to hit Ctrl F click on more options and then type   add links and then that and then that to a bracket  and then a speech mark and then just press replace   all and then you want to just do a speech mark and  press replace all this then gives you your list of   keywords I'm just going to select the first um  the


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