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 hello and welcome to this article  where I'm going to show you yet another amazing chat GPT SEO workflow this one is probably going to be something that you've never seen before so just trust me when I say that this is a good one what I want you to do is only go on Google and type in platform open AI what this should do is it should give you a link to and this gives us access to what is known as The Playground now it says they're looking for shot GPT try it now but you can actually use chat uh sorry not chat GPT 3.5 turbo inside this uh playground okay this actually gives us the possibility to do a couple of things but one of the main things it gives us the possibility of doing is creating longer content and also controlling how repetitive chat GPT is and also controlling about

Google and type in platform

 whether they use the same words or whatever it might be so frequency is whether it uses the same words presence penalty is pretty much the same thing but it just talks about different topics instead of using different words so what I did the other day was what I created like a company profile Okay so what I did was I gave I created this which is what I want um GPT 3.5 to use when it's talking so the first one it's it's like a prompt basically okay it's just a prompt so you are an SEO content writer for two men dot it two men dot it resells luxury Italian sartorial classic menswear product write an article that fits into this Niche using the brands and products from the links the links are just the links that I wanted to

 include you write using mark down formatting and you use lists bold italics and internal links internal link ahrefs using links again here are the links every time you mention suits I wanted to mention these Brands every time you mention pants talk about these Brands blah blah blah blah blah blah okay so what I'm going to do is I'm going to put that into the system okay and this could also be called uh prompt okay and then you're going to click click on user and you say I want you to write an article

 today okay and then a system will say what is the name of the blog post and then the message here will be the name of the blog post is best Italian runs Okay so we've got everything set up nicely here I'm going to show you something absolutely amazing let's just see if it works first of all so I'm going to press submit and you can see that it's writing blah blah blah but it's not using the markdown formatting that I told it to use so I'm going to pause it and instead I'm going to write at the very top use markdown formatting for titles and links for example best Italian brands okay so I'm gonna write that at the very

 top I did do this the other day and it worked perfectly so I want you to write an article today using mark down formatting okay what is the title I don't know if this part's actually necessary so we'll try it again after without this uh the title is best Italian luxury brands okay so let's submit again and hopefully this time there we go okay perfect so you can see hashtag hashtag best Italian Brands it's adding links it's doing everything and the Beautiful part about this is this article is going to be very very long although I forgot to add the maximum length thing I forgot to add the frequency penalty because I refreshed the page so I'll just submit this again and yeah normally it would have done that in one shot but because I messed up basically um and I forgot to put the maximum length thing back it's

Content but we'll sort that out so a couple

 unfortunately given me this little break in the content but we'll sort that out so a couple of things that you might want to fine-tune this with number one is tell it to only use one link once okay to make sure that you're not using the same link over and over like it has here and then for some reason it started using different links even though I gave it all the links to use so I'm not sure why it's doing that yeah look it's just it's just adding random links so this it's still not perfect right now and I guess it's because there's too much information here and it's it's written too much content so it's kind of Forgotten what it's writing about however what I wanted to show you was the next part of this okay again this is not quite

 perfect okay I think the prompt is too long and the maximum content may maybe is too long as well but what I wanted to show you was Mark down to HTML tool and this is the really good part of this um this process as you see once I put this in here it just gives me an easily copyable article like this now this isn't quite yet perfect but I did want to show you this it is still a playground it is just still an

 interesting thing that will definitely be a lot better in the future a couple of tips number one is write this at the very top number two you can find this entire prompt in the description of this YouTube article  so definitely make sure that you check it out I'm going to add something right now that says um only use each uh how do I do links once do not make up any links only use the ones I gave you okay so before

I gave you okay so before

 this article  ends I just want to try something real quick so I've shown you how to do this really really nice um output you can see that the links are all there some of them aren't working for some reason I'm not really sure why I'm just going to refresh the page and we're going to try one more thing before the end of this article  which is just to press submit here because I'm not actually sure what happens oh you don't need to fill in any information that's amazing that's absolutely amazing so yeah this works

 incredibly well guys I highly recommend that you check this out I forgot to put the maximum length again that's really annoying because it was doing it perfectly so make sure you change the maximum length I I like to put the frequency penalty in the uh the presence penalty up just a little bit it's not 100 necessary but definitely feels like it makes a difference and it stops repeating itself over and over okay there we go perfect I just want to get a good complete article out of this thing real quick so that we can see just how effective it is and look at that it's no longer


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