Teepublic vs. Redbubble: Unveiling the SEO Showdown

Is Teepublic Better than Redbubble SEO  - English

 hey guys what is going on welcome back to my channel i wanted to talk about something a bit strange today which is t public and i was thinking a lot about the public and someone left a really really interesting comment on my channel where they said that they have the same designs on redbubble and on t public they have pretty much the same seo and on t public they're making 500 a month and on redbubble they make hardly anything okay and i was really i was trying to understand how that could be possible and i think i've worked out how that is possible okay so stick around for this article  we're gonna go into a bit of detail about the difference in seo between redbubble and t public so first of all if you do site redbubble.com entitled shirt okay so these are all of the indexed pages on google from

Indexed pages on google 

 redbubble that have shirt in the title and there are 4.1 million okay that's an important number 4.1 million how many do you think they're on c public do you think there are more or do you think there are less there are a lot less significantly less okay which means basically one of two things number one is t public doesn't index all their results or more likely or it could be a mix of both of them t public doesn't have as much competition okay and when there is less competition you have more of a share of the seo okay so just hopping quickly on to ahrefs which is a paid tool if you don't want to pay for ahrefs you can use se ranking or you can just watch what i am doing what i'm interested in is whether the ranking pages on redbubble are the same as on t public so let's open another ahrefs tab and we'll do

 red bubble these damn keywords okay so i'm actually not looking at the keywords i'm looking at the url okay so let's just move along here and this is a product this is a product this is a product this is a search result page this is a search result page this is a search result page this is a product search result page search result page it's a good mix of both basically we can we can say let's go on top pages on red bubble and see if it's similar or the same what i think might be possible here guys and i'm really really curious if this is possible is let me show you an example i always use this example you guys if you've watched a lot of my article s you're probably absolutely sick of this example but um what i think

You're probably absolutely 

 might be possible is that there are some keywords on redbubble that we can't really rank for okay but if we put our designs on t public instead especially with all the problems that redbubble is currently having i think looking at another print-on-demand platform might be a good move also i did uh a little 

i did a little test earlier of t public i uploaded four designs and now i have four of the same designs on redbubble and on t public and i'm going to keep doing that and i'm going to give you guys a comparison of which sells more so i have a feeling i have a really i just have a funny feeling that t public it's

 actually easier to make money onto public and to be honest with you print on demand or making money online the most important thing is making money right we all want to make money we don't want to just uh have loads of traffic on our redbubble store we're not interested in that we want to make sales so what if t public is actually much better for sales basically that's what i'm getting at in this article  i'm going to be testing this out for sure i'm very very curious about this i should be on organic keywords yeah but the bulk upload process of t public is much better it's like way way way better i much prefer t public for uploading for sure jesus christ uh let's go over here this is a search result page this is

 interesting how many results does this have um there's no way hang on this isn't real okay so for some reason redbubble said uh sorry href says that this keyword is uh position one for redbubble but it's definitely not which is kind of weird i just i can't even look at red velvet's keywords they're they're that bad they're honestly that bad i'm just going to click on a couple of results i'm kind of curious one thing

Going to click on a couple of results

 about t public is it doesn't show how many results there are um so it's kind of hard to kind of gauge the engage the the also called the the competition it's really really hard to look at the competition for tea public i think another good thing about t public is it has a lot of um good rankings in america seems to be focused mainly on america what usa shipping methods are available it takes six to eight days that's

 insane so yeah in terms of seeing how much competition there is on t public it is kind of difficult so that's kind of annoying i think they should put the amount of results unless they do and i'm just missing it maybe there's something here hang on search has empty results false search tag it's fine interesting i wonder if there's any interesting information in this i'll definitely have a look at this uh off off article  another time search results does not say the amount unfortunately yeah i know but it doesn't say how

 many results there are there's probably a tool that will do it for you to be honest with you um but yeah i just i just wanted to let you guys know that uh i'm uploading to you public and you guys can definitely um you guys can definitely have a look at t public as well i think it might actually be a really really good uh it might be a really good change you might might have much better seo it seems to have much less competition which is great obviously it's hard to find the keywords that people you know haven't

 already done to death it seems to me that um redbubble has a lot of awful like spam keywords but a lot of this a lot of these keywords are legit keywords which is interesting to me because it means that it means that for the good keywords more likely t public will appear which is probably thinking about it why people make a lot of sales on t public i'm looking at this now i think there are two reasons two main reasons why people are making more sales on t public than on redbubble


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