How to Make A Page of Collections on Shopify List of Collections - English

How to Make A Page of Collections on Shopify  List of Collections - English

 hello guys and welcome to this very quick and simple guide to making a collection within a collection or a page of collections so I made all of these collections as you can see here I made one for each topic that we sell and I linked them all together so this was supposed to be best Black Friday jeans best Black Friday shirts sneakers etc etc etc and these are all on a page which before it was uh put into the navigation obviously it's gone now because Black Friday is over and now this page will just be left until next year but how did I do this this is actually a page as you can see here so if I click on view page then yeah so the first thing you need to know is that you need of course some collections to put inside that

I'm going to be doing today

 collection so what I'm going to be doing today is I'm going to be linking up my Christmas one which is exactly the same thing as this but instead of Black Friday it's for Christmas and it's just an experiment that I'm doing to see if I can get some traffic basically so what I'm going to do is I'm going to click on online store and I'm going to click on pages and I'm going to create a new page and while I'm going to do that I'm also going to control click and click on online store here this will open up a new tab also within the Shopify backend and what I'm going to do is I'm going to click on customize because we

 need to add a new template we could also just use the uh Black Friday template but I'd rather make a new one so click on the top bit here where it says home page and then click on pages and then I'm going to create a new template and I'm going to call it Christmas uh page it doesn't really matter what it's called so we'll call it Christmas uh gift guide and we'll base this on Black Friday deals no we won't because it's just going to be annoying actually yeah we will I shouldn't have done that because now I

 can't show you how I did this in the first place so I'm gonna actually undo that I'm gonna make a new one and I'm gonna call it Christmas gift guide uh two I'm gonna base it on the default page so I can show you how I actually did this in the first place because otherwise it would be pretty confusing so um you want to basically click on ADD section and you want to add a featured collection like this and you want to have your collections ready sorry that's the wrong one you want to click on collection list so let's remove this one and now we have the question list so

we're going to click on the collection

 we're going to type in Christmas and we're going to start um the lowest number here and then press select oh that's annoying I want this to be the first one otherwise it's not going to make any sense so uh I think this is the first one no so it should be the highest number no that's a completely different one oh my God there we go okay perfect I want them to be in order just because yeah they need to be in order

 for me I think this is the second one so like no 300 for your boyfriend this is kind of annoying I didn't expect this sorry about this guys but yeah I may as well show you how to do this all so there's that one there the shirt right 150 for under 300 so like okay there are others but I'm just gonna leave it at these three for now just so that we can get on with it so you want to then click on the page and we can

 remove this I'll just hide it well okay and then we're gonna write something like um if you've got Christmas gift guys 2022 and yeah that's pretty much it this is now a page for um this is a page template so now we're gonna go back onto here we're going to refresh this page so that the template will actually appear I'm going to call this Christmas gift guys 2022. and you would write some kind of text here I

 think I might do that just to show you guys kind of what you could write here so if you're looking for the best gift guide for um your for um a male a person oh my God I hate rank stuff like this for your family member or loved one then  okay so you basically want to get to the point where The

I think that's best practice

 Meta description is full okay because I think that's best practice do we want to add anything here Christmas gift guides let's add for men  um from 100 to okay whatever I'll do the final part of this is we want to click on the theme template and we want to click on Christmas guides gifts two and then hit save and then when we view this page you will see that you have a collection within a collection kind

 of it's not quite a collection within a collection but I mean let's be honest this is what most people want to be able to do they want to be able to make a collection um or a page on Shopify with collections inside that's exactly what I've done here just a little tip Guys these things these pages that I've made they're really really easy to make and they use very very simple logic like only show

Google and I just quickly do sites 

 products that have under um a hundred dollars or whatever so let's click on uh let's go on under 500 for example so this will only show any products that we have that are under 500 euros it's so easy to make one of these pages okay but if I go on Google and I just quickly do sites and then I use the website here and then do slash Collections and then in url Christmas you won't believe how many of these pages are

 already on Google this is after a few days okay this is literally after a few days and then if I get rid of this as well you can see that we've got even more pages on here because we also have a German page on here as well these are super easy pages to make I can't stress that enough um the SEO is absolutely

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