uh hello guys and welcome to this article  that I've been waiting to make for so long I've finally been invited to the GPT for API and I now have access to it what does that mean it means if I go on the playground here and I click on chat then you can see now that instead of 3.5 I have gpt4 and gpt40314 what I'm going to show you in this article  is basically the best way to make content at the moment the system is your brand okay so what I'm going to show you how to do is I'm going to show you how to

 program a system prompt and then I'm going to show you how to get it to give you amazing content but just for this article  I just want to quickly explain why I'm doing what I'm doing so I'm built on Shopify and I can use for free I can use matrixify to automatically upload content to my website okay so if I put 10 blog posts here for free I can press upload and it will automatically upload everything and honestly this makes everything so much easier but there are two things we can do this with this number one in

  HTML content that will automatically be uploaded 

 the future I will probably make some kind of Google sheet add-on that will do all of this automatically basically but number two what we can do is we can tell chat gpt4 to give us HTML content that will automatically be uploaded to our website so in this article  I'm going to plan the system prompt so I'm going to start with you are a digital marketing assistant for two men dot it two men is a multi-brand

 store you are going to create content that is written in raw HTML including title tags lists um internal links as ahrefs um and everything else the brands we sell are and then all I'm going to do is I'm going to get all the brands that we sell obviously so let's go on my website click on brands and let's just grab these Brands like that that should be fine so this is basically how to make um chat gbt right for you

 okay specifically for your website this is how to plug chat GPT into your website this is the best way to do it at the moment another thing I'm going to do is I'm going to give it a list of collections to use as internal links in whatever content I get it to write I've shown this a few times but basically what I like to do is I like to get my site map and I like to filter it Z to A like this or A to Z whatever and I like to grab the htmls so I guess I should add an A to Z there we go so let's grab all of these collections copy that and then we'll paste that at the top like this and then we're going to get rid of lock and we'll get rid of

Slash lock okay so normally 

 Slash lock okay so normally what I would do is I would also do this for my blog posts but I'm not going to do it that specifically in this article  just because I'm just so excited that I can't chat gpt4 API I've been waiting for this for ages please use the following links as internal links in my uh in my content let's just write my content okay and then right at the top we're gonna write please only write in raw

 HTML simple in simple raw HTML so you can do this in a number of ways you can get it to give you simple raw HTML or you can also get it to give you markdown okay um in fact for this example just

 because it's it's more relevant to everybody I want I want to use markdown so please please use markdown to I'll put that right at the top and then we'll say mark down here as well okay so already we're working with something that has all of the information that we need and I could already expect it to write a decent article now personally I would recommend adding even more information about your business just add everything add anything and everything that you're publicly willing to share about your business put that in the system prompt and then you can expect it to be outputted when you write

AI people flame

 an article so what we can do is we'll say write I don't know why I write please to an AI people flame me all the time for that I'm just polite I guess write an article about let's just say I want to test it out so best Italian suit brand so what this should do is I hope is take all of this information and it should be

 able to see which of the brands we have we sell suits and which of them don't have suits if it's able to do that that will be insane although I would be very surprised if it could do that let's have a look at what it does so I'm going to press submit and we're going to see what the actual content is but while it's doing

 that I'm going to show you the real secret to this method which is marked down to HTML tool there are two ways you can do this you can do markdown to HTML or you can do um markdown to plain text okay you can also yeah this tool here mark down to this is exactly what you want so let's see

 how it's doing so far let's see if it's mentioned any Brands it hasn't it's mentioned which we sell suits it's mentioned kit on we sell suits it's mentioned South audio Napoli guess what we sell suits I'm hoping that that continues and it doesn't start writing about we sell suits from Brunello cuccinelli as well or Blazers so I mean that's fine I think that's the final suit brand that we actually have at the moment so if

I I can tell you how it's doing 

 actually crazy I I can tell you how it's doing that it's reading the collections and Barbara Napoli okay we do not sell Barber Napoli suits so now it's just unfortunately it's creating content that is no longer useful however the content is so cheap so I'll probably just leave it because I think we are getting some Barber Napoli suits in the future so that is now done and I can copy and paste this directly into this markdown converter and guess what we have we have a full article just like that okay and let's see how many words that is has a starter and then we'll see how much that cost me or we'll calculate how


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