Uncover Countless Low-Competition Longtail Etsy Keywords Using Google


"Uncover Countless Low-Competition Longtail Etsy Keywords Using Google"

hello and welcome back to my channel this has been an incredibly highly requested article  for a long time now this is going to be how to actually find low competition keywords on Etsy what we're going to be doing is we're going to be using search operators so what a search operator actually is is a advanced Google search directly into the Google search bar so by searching site etsy.com Market you can see already that it's only showing us results that are Etsy search result pages on Google that are

 indexed on Google that's the important thing here so we can already just scroll through here we have a little look around see what comes up but you're probably not going to find many good things in this section what you can do already just to play around with it a little bit is you can click on tools and you

Etsy search result pages on Google 

 can put any time and you can put the past month what this does is it show it tells Google to only show us Etsy search result pages that have start ranking in the last month okay so obviously I don't know what most of these mean but you you get the idea however we can actually take this one step further and we can look at this here where it says results 1 to 40 of 77 and you might be able to understand where we're going with this although I do want to quickly check this out because that's probably quite a good keyword but anyway what we're going to do is we're actually going to take that logic and I'll leave this in the description so it's site etsy.com Market in text 1 to 40 of and then I put a random number 243 results if I hit enter I'm going to also put this on any time because I don't really care when it starts

 ranking you can see that all of these actually have 243 results so flower brain sticker for example actually it has over a thousand results the reason for that is because um in Italy it only has 243 results so what I'm going to do is I'm going to open up TunnelBear which is a free um VPN you can get it on um you know  TunnelBear literally just go on Google type in TunnelBear like that and find it once you're on Tunnel Bear then you can open a new incognito window and we're going to do exactly the same thing and this should actually have the amount of results that is stated so I open this calm

 Bear then you can open a new incognito 

 down Karen shirt this is a great great keyword actually this is a really really good keyword everything's going to load a bit more slowly because I'm on um I'm on a VPN now but that's fine what I'm going to do is I'm going to open up Google ads Keyword Planner you can um find you can find I'll leave a article  on how to set up Google ads Keyword Planner in the description and we're going to check to see if that has any search volume even if it doesn't I would probably still make this design just because there's

 hardly any competition and um it's just a good t-shirt so keep calm Karen sure let's have a look it's got 0 to 10 which isn't great but let's just do keep calm Karen and see what comes up keep calm and let count Hamlet I have a feeling that this is gonna be a decent keyword in the future whatever Karen might also work let's just try Karen's shirt if you don't know Karen is like someone who uh has a

 meltdown at a I wish a Karen would has a meltdown um at a business or something for something that's not really the business's fault that's what a Karen is I wish a Karen would let's have a Look 200 727 results so you can see that just by finding this Niche on Google like this we can start to find other keywords related to it as well so swamp silhouette 242 results that's very very low for Etsy if you are an Etsy seller you will know that most of them have you know 5 000 results and the beautiful thing about this there it is again flower brain sticker I wonder why oh interesting 235 results that's a really good keyword guys another thing we can do I'm just going to quickly keep looking quickly because these are really really

 interesting I think people are going to absolutely love this article  to be honest with you um but let's just show you what else we can do with this this is insane so there's a couple of other things we can do if you want different results first of all you can just change this number so let's put 100 for example and you'll see that now it's searching for things with only a hundred results so that's already if you want less results that's a good way to do it or you can put more results if you want something that's maybe a bit more competitive but um also you're gonna have you know more chance of selling it because usually competitive things have more searches so I'm extra two SVG could be a good keyword no idea I'm not

I'm extra two SVG could 

 going to look it up but um okay reception desk sign interesting that's got really low results for what it actually is interesting for sure that's very very interesting Lemonade Stand SVG that would be really easy to make you could probably just take a free SVG from SVG or free SVG um so just go on Google type in free SVG and let's see if there's actually a lemonade stand um hang on free SVG and let's see if there's a lemonade stand lemonade stand I'm gonna guess that there is yep you can just literally upload this um onto Etsy and start selling it immediately cool surfboard a regular kidney rug okay anyway you

 get the idea guys you can change this to whatever number you want basically so let's do 460 367. why not it's a good number 1 280 results espresso quote print only has three nights impossible really that's really really low results for kind of an interesting keyword hmm this is something you will have to go through on your own guys but for sure there's going to be some amazing keywords here this is how I've made a lot of sales on readable so this is probably how

you can make some sales on Etsy too campfire artwork there's no way that it only has 366 results really that's pretty crazy honestly I would expect that to have a lot more weight let's just quickly see where Etsy is on Google okay what now it has 5 000 results now I'm really really confused

 I actually don't know if anyone

why does it have some such different results here and there I actually don't know if anyone can tell me in the uh tell me in the uh in the comments that'd be really really useful to know why the results are different engine in Notebook there's no way that only has 372 results let's try and do the search like this like before let's see that's called really low results that's insane that's a really really good keyword that's a really good keyword okay so the final thing we're going to do in this article  is first of all I'm going to remove myself from TunnelBear and I'm going to show you guys something extra special that obviously if you've seen my channel before you will already

know about this so go on Google type in scrape serp like this I'm not going to leave links to things because sometimes Google gets uh weird about it whereas scrapes it is it called scrape server oh no I've forgotten the next scale serve there it is I forgot the name for a second then make an account if


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