Can Jasper AI Index 1-Minute Written Content on Google in 2023?

"Can Jasper AI Index 1-Minute Written Content on Google in 2022?"

Guys what is going on it's Hamish welcome back to income stream surfers i wanted to talk a little bit more about Jarvis and how exactly we can create a lot of content very quickly using this tool so along all i'm doing is i'm using a tool called keyword so if you're on keyword you type in red bubble and you click on questions okay we have 125 questions to answer okay another thing you can do is you can go and answer the public if you just google answer the public and type in redbubble as a question section it has you know you can look at all of these basically like examine how i think yeah look how red bubble works how red bubble pays you blah blah blah why rubber bull is bad why

 red bubble is shipping is so expensive etc so all i'm going to do i'm going to take this our red bubble stickers waterproof okay and i'm going to make that h1 that's an important part of this process and then i'm going to go on google i'm going to google the question i'm going to put reddit at the end of it because i want a uh i want to really i want a good answer so i'm going to do ctrl f i'm going to type waterproof are they waterproof question mark red bubble stickers are pretty solid that's good quality and waterproof okay so i'm going to copy that and i'm going to put that into the content brief here and i'm going to press ctrl j and hopefully java's first time is going to give me a good answer okay uh it

 Kind of just copied it they're also pretty

 looks like it's kind of just copied it they're also pretty good i don't know okay it hasn't completely copied it i'm gonna press ctrl j again see what it comes up with there we go good okay there we go so if you're looking for some new stickers check out my shop below i'm not actually going to put that but that's an example of what you can put looking for some new stickers check out red bubble okay so that's one article done that took me less than two minutes to do everything the only other thing i have to do is

 go on income stream service dot com slash admin and i'm gonna log in hopefully that's correct okay so apparently that doesn't want to load so while that's loading I'm going to show you another thing we can do which is go on ubersuggest type in red bubble okay finally it's logging in and then I'm oh i need to sign in first but this is a free account i don't have any I'm not paying okay so while ubersuggest is

 loading I'm going to add a new page the reason i'm doing page instead of post is because i have a adult and child system on my WordPress meaning that i have categories and a good way to do categories is by using pages instead of posts so this is the keyword red bubble i want to go to um keyword suggestions so yeah just click on keyword ideas on the side this isn't going to show me a lot of information but it should show me a little bit what is going on with my internet i don't know if this is my internet or if i don't know these websites are down red bubble free shipping could be an interesting one i don't think

Shipping but they might do promo codes

 they ever do free shipping but they might do promo codes is an interesting one how to sell is definitely an interesting one which i should be targeting so i'm gonna definitely put that next so as you can see i like to do a lot of things at once and that doesn't really translate very well into a article  but i i hope that you guys are following uh what i'm doing so how to how to sell on redbubble so for something like this this isn't one that i would want to do quickly i'd actually want to think about what i want jarvis to say so i'm just gonna spend a little bit longer on it so give me five minutes okay so i've that only took me it

 took me way less than less time than i said it took me like a minute to write these down because obviously i've got a lot of knowledge about this so it just isn't it's not taking from my brief i might just copy and paste my brief honestly at this point plus it's free to set up that's a good point that's a really really good point there are very few requirements there aren't any requirements okay good good good start to share on social media that's exactly what i said here okay so what i'm actually going to do this time is i'm going to read this through because i want to make sure that this is good advice for anyone that stumbles across this article in the future because i don't want to accidentally give bad advice so one second okay so all i've done is i just quickly checked whether this was good um and whether it was

Added my points here as bullet points

 grammatically correct and then i have just added my points here as bullet points okay so let's go back to wordpress just to show you that process add a title how to sell on redbubble copy and paste oops copy and paste copy and paste i'm actually going to put the title again because it kind of annoys me when you can't see the title because i've got the title hidden so we'll just do that and then that's it that's basically it you can also you can add a picture from canva or in my case i'm actually going to put one of my youtube article s just because if people do stumble across it then it's a good way to get people into my um youtube channel basically you've always got to be thinking about how to grow online it's kind of

 Forever probably not check

 annoying but okay so what i'm actually going to do is i'm going to promote my playlist so i'm just going to go down here to add and then youtube embed is this going to work maybe yeah nice okay so this will funnel people into my playlist hopefully if this actually ranks which is part of this experiment this article  probably won't be released until i've actually seen that they're indexed and then once they're

 indexed i will i will post the article  uh very quickly i need to also do permalink here oh no sorry i need to go to page attributes and i need to go to parent page and i need to put how to make money yeah this one here okay perfect and then i'm just gonna hit publish publish and and then i'm just gonna forget about it forever probably not check it again for like a year except for.

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