Explore and Discover the Top SEO Keywords Right Now!


"Explore and Discover the Top SEO Keywords Right Now!"

this article  is an updated article  about a tool that I've been using for a long time mainly for print on demand but now more recently also for SEO it's been a long time since I talked about this tool it is completely free although it does have a paid option but I'm going to show you why you do not need the paid option and why you can just use it for free so the tool is keyword tool dot IO I suggest that you go there right now and you get it open and I'm going to show you how to use it in this article  I'm going to make this article  in a bit of a different way I've got the plan for this article  here and if you want to follow along there is the Google Document in the description and if you like this style of article  please feel free to let me know so let's make Google Trends searchable and also turn Google into our own Niche

 research tool we're gonna do this by using this tool and what I mean by that is the first one using Google as our own Niche research tool the first option here is using the auto suggest on Google and all I'm going to do is I'm going to prompt this tool by using a few broad keywords that I already looked at before and we're going to see what kind of results we can get and then I'm going to show you how you can very easily check the keyword to make sure it would be worth writing an article about what I will say before we get into this article  is that the first part of this article  is quite similar to just using Google ads Keyword Planner but the second part of this article  a little bit towards the end of this article  we're

let's make Google Trends searchable 

 going to be talking about another method that will give you completely new keywords that even Google ads Keyword Planner will not give you okay so let's have a little look at the results here so 1920s men's fashion I've been seeing this keyword everywhere okay and I want to very quickly check the kind of traffic potential on this keyword so it is actually a huge keyword and it's definitely something that's growing like it definitely feels like it's growing but this is a keyword that I've seen many many times before but what what this does by combining um keyword tool.io with Google ads Keyword Planner first of all we can verify everything make sure it's good but also we can kind of

 Bounce them off each other so when I do my Google ads keyword stuff I always do quite a macro view of the keywords okay but this is a much better way to do micro keyword research and what I like to do is I like to just kind of do it nice and quick and if I see something with insane amounts of key searches per month like some of these niches are huge and 80s men's fashion there's a pretty huge keyword I guess it's because of um stranger things so something I could do for example I might write this down because that's a really good idea write articles based around the fashion of the 1980s including stranger things references and then put our products that much the article into it so what I'm gonna yeah that's a really really idea and I really should have done this before and there's loads of decades and I didn't

 that shows you how to set it up

 realize how big this Niche was holy crap 300 000 a month for this and you can see that all of the keywords are very much related if you don't know how to get up onto Google ads Keyword Planner then there will be a article  that shows you how to set it up but you can see most of these are pretty much the same so let's see if we can find any other ones to be honest with you this isn't actually the thing I want to show you in this article  I just want to show you that this tool is capable of many different things so another thing you can do is you can pick up questions for you personally I like to use Google itself to do this but if you want to do it much quicker then this is a great way to do it what men's trainers are in fashion that's that's a really oh okay because I'm I need to put United Kingdom because they don't call

 Google itself to do this but if you want

 them trainers in it's a pretty small Niche but that's pretty interesting What men's trainers are in fashion ah men's chains in fashion these are pretty interesting woman shorts for in fashion some of these could be quite big niches to be honest with you let's just try something real quick um our shorts in fashion foreign yeah okay you can stylish shorts for men that would be an interesting one I guess for sure so this kind of reminds you of things because we sell shorts basically what I'm doing is in my head I'm not really explaining this process while I'm doing this I should probably explain it what I'm doing in my head is I'm assessing whether a keyword or an article is good and I'm doing that in real time because I

 know that my I know my Niche inside and out and I know that we sell shorts so if I can find mangle to help sell shorts then that's definitely something I would like to do we're just going to do one more search here um dress for men that doesn't mean dresses for men it means ways to dress for men um I'm gonna go back on keyword suggestions and then after this I'm going to show you something that's going to absolutely blow you away so make sure you stay until the end dress for men for engagement  um okay so as usual there's just the basic stuff here guys let's talk about something a little bit more

 Google Trends section right here

 interesting so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take dress for men and I'm going to go to the Google Trends section right here and this is where I get super juicy guys you can see here that there are some really interesting keywords here best casual dress combination for male so for me I probably would have never thought of finding that particular keyword but as you can see it is actually like a decent niche so you could do like casual dress combinations men and maybe see if the niche is a little bit bigger which it is it is much bigger so that is a really really good Niche that would be a really nice

 article to write like how to do combinations to be casual how to do combinations to be formal we could also do so let's get rid of casual we've just discovered two amazing niches uh in a very short amount of time I'm guessing this is not particularly competitive so what we can do is just check composition I like to do all in title and then just doing it like that there's only eight on Google with that exact combination of words in the title which is a pretty good sign to be honest with you and then I found a really really

 good one before but I really want to show you guys so this is the kind of best way to find things outside of Google ad Keyword Planner I do use this at work and I have found some amazing keywords using this so my favorite search right now has been men's attire and this has given me some super super interesting and super interesting Niche keywords which is the most important thing so men's Christmas party attire



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