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hello in this article  we're going to be talking about how to make photo realistic pictures using mid Journey we're going to be using chats gpt4 to create the prompts and basically what we're going to be doing is we're going to be inputting the mid Journey documentation and a couple of prompts from the AI Advantage which is honestly go and watch this article  in fact I'm not even going to put these two prompts in my description because I want you to go to this article  I will leave this article  in the

 description you should 100 watch this article  it's really really good but I wanted to make my own article  about this process and honestly if we just take one very quick look at the results this is without doing what we're talking about in this article  so you can see it looks

 like complete crap and then these ones here are using what we're going to be talking about in this article  and as you can see they are the opposite they are completely amazing so what I'm envisioning is that this this will be a way to replace stock photos this will be a way to replace any kind of photo that you need to get from the internet 

Personally did was 

we can now pretty much use mid Journey 4. so what I personally did was I went on the mid Journey documentation like this and I just went on user guide at the bottom here and I went to parameters and advanced prompt basically I took each of these pages and I just copied and pasted it directly into Chachi pt4 okay so once I did that I got it to produce me a um a prompt okay so let's see what I actually did let's go through the process first of all I just

 copied and pasted all of the different parameters into Chachi pt4 telling it what it could use and what it couldn't use and how mid Journey actually works and every time at the bottom of my chat gpt4 prompt I said do you understand okay this is something I've talked about in the past when you say do you understand chat gpt4 will reply yes I understand the

 Journey parameters and options

 information provided based on the mid Journey parameters and options I can now create prompts for you to generate specific types of art blah blah blah and then I gave it some more information but this is missing something super important all of this information I'm giving it is vital for it to know and this is a very important part of the process so you want to give it the quality the seeds the stop the stylize the tile the version the article  but the really important thing and the thing that um the AI Advantage talks about in this article  is this here okay so use a Zeiss Otis 55 milliliter F 1.4 lens to achieve impeccable sharpness and that's down outstanding color Fidelity okay so what I did was after I'd give fed it all of

 the information I asked it for a a Viking Warrior okay and the prompt that it gave me was this Viking Warrior prompt here which gave me this output here which I don't like and it's not very good at all and I said please make it a version 5 prompt and then yeah it's still the same thing it still didn't look good this is the important thing and thank you so much to the AI Advantage for showing this but I said please use more detailed photography specific

 language such as these two prompts and I copied and pasted uh the AI advantages to prompts here and then the output here is a hundred times better capture a striking and Vivid image of a Viking Warrior exuding confidence and prowess wearing historically accurate armor 

Horned helmet and wielding

 horned helmet and wielding a mighty ax and shield utilize a Zeiss distagon so I don't even know if that's the same lens it's not it's a different lens so it is using just its knowledge of everything photography of the internet Etc utilize a Zeiss distagon 2 Asterix 35mm F 1.4 lens to achieve excellent sharpness and color Fidelity ensuring the rich textures and Hues in the scene are Faithfully represented wow compose the scene with the Viking Warrior standing in a rugged landscape with a traditional long

 ship visible in the background I don't know if no there's no longship under a dramatic Sky experiment with volumetric lighting to accentuate the Warrior's powerful presence and create a cinematic atmosphere emphasize the depth of field and contrast in the scene to highlight the intricate details of the Warriors attire and surroundings ar-169 up better V5 the results they just speak for themselves they are completely insane but what I can now do is I

 can give it any prompts so if I say a um sushi dish let's see what it comes out with capture a delectable and appetizing image of a meticulously arranged Sushi dish featuring a an assortment of fresh Sashimi nigiri and rolls utilize a Zeiss milvus again another lens to

Exceptional sharpness

 achieve exceptional sharpness and accurate killer reproduction ensuring that the vibrant Hues of the fish rice and garnishes are Faithfully represented compose the scene on a sleek and elegant serving place with the sushi pieces are fully placed to Showcase their intricate shapes and textures blah blah blah blah so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to do a live

 imagine test in mid-journey so we'll give that some time to load so just while that's loading let's have a little look at how much a stock footage website would normally cost you it normally costs about 29 per month and that's for 10 credits what

 does that mean it literally means you get 10 photos 25 photos is 59. I mean just look at these prices it's completely ridiculous and it's also it's billed annually blah blah it's just it's just a mess okay it's way more expensive mid-journey I believe if I'm not mistaken is 12 a month maybe basic plan is ten dollars a month okay uh which is just way

 cheaper and to be honest with you the results aren't really significantly worse although this doesn't really look real I wouldn't say this is kind of interesting I guess it does look real most of these do look pretty real uh this would be fine for like a banner photo or Banner image on your website whatever it might be I'm a little bit disappointed with the results there I

 was expecting them to be uh better than that okay let's do our last test here and let's do an underwater monster so capture a breathtaking Eerie image of a colossal underwater monster lurking in the depths of a mysterious ocean utilize a Zeiss batis 25 millimeter F2 lens to achieve a wide angle perspective I actually don't know anything about photography guys

 so this is really really nice for me emphasizing the massive scale of the creature and the vast expanse of the underwater environment incorporate various shapes shades of deep blues and greens to convey the sense of depth one second and the unknown while utilizing a volumetric lighting to create an otherworldly atmosphere position the

 Monster emerging from the darkness

 monster emerging from the darkness it's menacing eyes and razor sharp teeth glistening in the dim light as it sends ripples through the water surround the creature with swirling schools of fish Marine plants and floating debris to enhance the sense of motion and tension in the scene I'm really excited to see what this comes up with honestly I'm a little bit

 worried I'm a little bit scared but we shall see the basic idea behind this article  though is to show you that you can now make stock footage for way cheaper than an actual stock footage website you don't have to pay these guys anymore honestly you don't have to pay shutter shock I would honestly just use mid-journey at this point because it just it's it's more you

 can get exactly what you want out of it whereas a stock footage website only has the stock footage that it has available whereas with mid-journey you can literally make whatever you want and with chat gpt4 creating the prompts for you you don't need to know about photography you don't need to know about anything because chat gpt4 will do all of the

 heavy lifting for you this is great for creating characters for a novel whatever it might be like I'm super super excited about mid-journey V5 it's just the quality seems a lot better let's have a little look here okay I like it it just looks like it's created an octopus this

Automatically create an upscaled 

 one's kind of freaky the third one but overall I would say yeah the the results here are pretty nice this uh let's upscale the second one for some reason this one here was automatic oh up beta this is what I need to do so dash dash up beta it looks like it will whoa that was really quick it looks like it will automatically create an upscaled uh one for you that is such a

 beautiful image I'm really really happy with the results here and yeah that's pretty much it guys I hope this helps you make some stock footage or whatever you want to use this for exactly and yeah get on it guys tragedy pt4 makes amazing prompts and it follows all of the complicated photography stuff that I just don't have time to learn thanks for watching I'll see you soon with some more content peace out 


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