Unveiling ChatGPT-4: Your Ultimate Solution for Engaging and SEO-Optimized Content in English

ChatGPT4 First Impressions For SEO Content - English

 Hey guys in this article  we're going to be taking a first look at chat gpt4 and what I think of it etc  there's no point hiding it uh for now I'm probably going to continue using 3.5 and I'll show you why in this article  so what do we want to write about let's write about Let's do an article so first of all let's just do any random article so human written content let's say best suits for 2023 whatever so this is still model 3.5 okay and the reason I'm going to continue probably using this at least for now is for one very important reason let's change it to Cha chi pt4 and then let's do the same thing and you'll instantly be

 able to see why I'm going to continue using 3.5 for now so best suits 2023 press enter it is so much slower in fact it's at the point where it's so slow that it's not good okay this is not useful for me at the moment unfortunately and I want to talk a little bit about why that might be so let's go to chat gpt4 or just uh gbt4 it should be because chat gpt is this and gpt is like the language model so one of the problems right now is yes it has um Advanced reasoning capabilities okay so that means logically speaking if you're writing in some kind of logical niche uh like health or whatever it might be then chat GPT surpasses sorry gbt4 surpasses chat GPT in its Advanced reasoning capabilities okay so that's

Chat GPT output here 

 super important for certain people okay and the reason is it it can figure out riddles it can figure out complex problems such as this you can see here that uh chat gpt output here is incorrect whereas the output here is correct okay and there was a really really popular kind of picture going around that was saying that Chachi pt3 couldn't solve the problem of um was it if your sister is born one year before you what is it how okay so yeah this is the problem so when you're when you were born your sister was twice my age or whatever and it's really really common to get this question wrong as a human and also Church EPT was at some point getting this question wrong chat gpt4 or gpt4 would not get this

 question wrong which is why in certain circumstances You're Gonna Want to use chat GPT 4. however for me personally although it's more intelligent at maths and Science and logic and all that kind of stuff I am not writing that kind of content okay I am writing quick Snappy listical blog post infinite informational articles in a niche that does not require Authority okay if your Niche requires Authority such as your money or your life so your money or your life basically means that yeah ymyl it basically means a niche that's in finances or health if you're in one of these niches you're gonna have to use chat gpt4 okay so you're gonna have to put up with the slower content for now which is not really

 necessarily a bad thing because the content that you have to produce to rank on Google has to be correct and it has to be amazing quality so my advice to you is if you are in a sciency mathematical Niche or your money or your life Niche You're Gonna Want to use chat gpt4 okay so I'm going to leave these two links in the description there is the products of gpt4 and there is the research GPT for I want to talk a little bit about the research at gpt4 because I just find this absolutely fascinating so this is

 openai.com research slash gpt4 so we've created a gbc4 the latest milestone in open ai's efforts in scaling up deep learning gpt4 is a large multi-modal model which accepts images and text inputs I can't wear work out if that's possible yet I don't think it's possible to put images in right now but I will

Experimenting with that guys do not worry

 definitely be experimenting with that guys do not worry about that accepting image and text inputs emitting text outputs that while less capable than humans in many real world scenarios exhibits human level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks so this is super interesting to me okay we've created gbt for the latest milestone in open ai's effort in scaling up deep learning gbt4 is a large multi-module modal model that's blah blah blah we've already said that gbt three point for

 example it passes a simulated bar exam the bar exam is if you want to become a lawyer I think in the US with a score around in around the top 10 of all test takers in contrast GPT 3.5 score was around the bottom 10 what does that mean already if I had some kind of Law Firm if I was writing for a law firm or whatever it might be this would be huge huge news for me if I had a law firm and I wanted to create a lot of GPT content I would instantly be swapping over to gpt4 and cranking out some amazing and

 accurate content we've spent six months iteratively aligning gpt4 using lessons from our adverse adversarial adverse surreal testing program as well as chat to GPT this is perfect so it's learning from everything we've been doing resulting in our best results though far from perfect on uh factuality still this is really important this is probably one of the most important words that they could use factuality is so important for SEO and it's so important for writing good content steer ability this is perfect as well

So important for SEO

 which means that you can steer the AI into the way that you want it to create content and refusing to go outside of guard rails over the past two years we rebuilt our entire deep learning stack and together with with Microsoft azure co-designed a super computer from the ground up for our workload a year ago we trained 3.5 as the first test run of the system we found to fix some bugs and improved our theoretical

 foundations as a result our chat our gbt4 training run was for us at least unprecedentedly stable becoming our first large model whose training performance we were able to actually predict ahead of time as we continue to focus on reliable scaling we aim to hone our methodology to help us predict and prepare for future capabilities increasingly far in advance something.


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