Unleash Infinite Print-on-Demand Design Ideas THAT SELL with ChatGPT

"Unleash Infinite Print-on-Demand Design Ideas THAT SELL with ChatGPT"

 uh hello guys what is going on this article   is going to be a banger you know that when   I say this is going to be a good article   it's going to be a good article  so we're   back to open AI chat GPT this is going  to be a Redbubble slash merch by Amazon   Etsy slash how to find t-shirt design ideas using  chat GPT so what we're going to be doing is we're   going to be doing the method from yesterday's  article  which is using this completely free   spreadsheet which hello the four people um that  are

 currently on my spreadsheet uh hello guys   they can see me typing that so they might be a  little bit freaked out but hello guys anyway uh   you cannot edit this but if you click on file and  then make a copy you can make a copy of this which   will then allow you to edit your copy of it you  cannot edit the original but yeah that's just how   this works so this method is going to be using  Google ads Keyword Planner okay I'm not going   to show you how to do it in this particular article   but basically just go on Google Keyword uh Google   ads and then click on Keyword Planner there'll be  a article  in the

Keyword Planner there'll be  a article 

 description showing you or you can   just watch yesterday's article  to be honest with  you just watch yesterday's article  I show you how   to get onto this page here once you're on this  page you want to put English and then obviously   United States I talk about this method a lot but  we're going to be going into some detail here   so what are we going to do I'm going to use the  example that I was just looking at just in case   for some reason uh the next example I look at  doesn't work as well so t-shirt my son and then   uh click on three month change so basically just  copy and paste one of these I wanted to mention I   didn't mention this yesterday is you change the  word t-shirt so you can change the word 

t-shirt   for anything that your particular website  sells so if you're selling on Shopify for   example you can use printful or printify to see  which uh keywords that you could use but if you   are selling on Redbubble you can actually use the  site Redbubble site map and so just go on Google   type in readable sitemap and then you can see  popular masks apron clock pouches scarves socks   Etc so what you can

 do is you can change the word  t-shirt for any of these words so let's say apron   let's say we want to change um T-shirt here  to apron this will then almost definitely give   us some I'm just going to try this live this  might not work but I'm hoping it will work it   doesn't work you can do this but obviously it  depends on the popularity of the keyword okay   so t-shirt Ramen works but unfortunately apron 

 Ramen does not work but anyway 

 Ramen does not work but anyway let's focus on what   we're doing in this article  I just wanted to mention  that you can change the uh the main keyword so the   one I found here was Wayward Son shirt this is a  really really cool and interesting one also rules   for dating my son's shirt is a really good one my  son bought me this shirt it's just the Classic one   etc etc so I will now apologize for the sound of  my keyboard some people like it and I actually   personally I love the sound of my keyboard but  some people really don't like it I am buying a   new keyboard soon I promise you what am I gonna  do I want to say right t-shirt designs around the   um idea of and then speech marks Wayward Sun shirt  like this here are some ideas for Wayward Son   uh t-shirts and a silhouette of a lone figure  walking on a row

 with the phrase the way with   sun written bod letters these are all fine but  this is actually not what I'm looking for so   I'm going to hit refresh I'm gonna try this  again someone say right five t-shirt funny  

 t-shirts slogans around the idea of a wayward  oops I forgot how to write Wayward Wayward Son   oops that too is gonna really annoy me I'm the  black sheep of the family and I'm owning it born   to Wanda Can't Be Tamed I'm not lost I'm just  exploring The Road Less Traveled these are all   actually really really good I may not know  where I'm going but I'm having a great time   getting there also really good I'm not rebellious  I'm just creatively independent okay so how does   this actually work

 let's go on Excel draw and I'll  talk about what uh what we're actually doing here   okay so normally what I do is I find the  keyword these are my steps number one find   keyword and then number two what I do is I just  go on canva and I literally just uh write the   keyword okay so normally what I would have done in  this case is I would have just written literally   Wayward sum on this that says wayward son on a  t-shirt that looks nothing like t-shirt but as   you guys know my drawing capabilities are

 terrible  which is why I use canva um and that would be it   but what what we're actually going to do is we're  going to add an additional step which is um use use chatbot so we're going to use chatbot  to find or to think of interesting Concepts   around this Niche okay so the first thing  is we find a niche which is Wayward Son the   second thing is we get chat open AI to create  the niche for us okay and then we're

 going to   use canva or actually I'm going to use for top  here just because it's completely free whereas   canva there's a paid option and I just like  talking about completely free stuff and with   canva free you cannot have a transparent  background so I just like using photopia   for article s because it's completely free so I'm  the black sheep of the family and I'm owning it   I actually really like that keyword I am kind of  the black sheep of my family I would I would say okay so you want to make sure 

it's centered  like this this is not I don't like doing   design tutorials okay because I'm really I am  not a good designer uh as you probably know   but you generally want to make it spaced and um you want to make it spaced and big they're  the two things that you want to kind of   work you know try your hardest  to make sure that they are   spaced and big okay and also centered so  something like this and then you should be   able to add a free graphic like like G cartoon  there probably aren't any to be

design tutorials okay

 honest with you I don't know you could add something like that  but I probably I personally wouldn't use this   to be honest with you so what we can actually  do is we can instead when you're on Google and   type in Black Sheep cartoon and click on images  and then click on tools usage rights creative 

  common licenses and then something like free SVG  is a pretty good website this is actually a black   sheep though so this is what we need so we're  going to copy this save this I'm going to go and   remove oops BG remove background you can also  use canva if you have Pro this would make this   process a lot easier to be honest with you and now  we have a black sheep image again I don't really   like doing design tutorials just because I'm  not really a designer but I did want to quickly   show people uh all of the steps.



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