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Welcome to my Article this is going to be a very quick and very simple and hopefully very easy guide to Shopify SEO basically this guide is going to assume that you already have a Shopify store and if you don't then maybe what if you're thinking of building one then this is definitely a good article  to watch this article  is going to assume that you have products okay product SEO is fairly simple you just need to upload your product you need to describe the product you need to use as many descriptive words as possible you need to use tags that are relevant to the product in the Shopify tag section and you also

SEO is actually very simple

 need to have images and the images should have a file name that is relevant to the product okay so product SEO is actually very simple I'm not going to be covering that in this article  this article  is going to be talking about what to do after you have products because with product SEO all you do is you upload and that's pretty much it the other kind of things that we're going to be focusing on today we're going to be focusing on collections okay um I will probably make another article  about blogs but basically the

 idea with collections is that you categorize so another word for this could be categories you categorize your products in a specific way okay and this is why you need to use tags as well for your products so let's take a look at an example here we're just going to open a random product and I'll show you now what I mean by using tags when you upload your products probably you're going to be using a CSV so

 in the CSV in the spreadsheet make sure that you are using tags and the reason that you want to do this is because if I go on collections now and click on cashmere sweaters for example I'm probably going to be using tags here so okay I'm not using tags in this particular example but normally you would use the conditions to create the um The Collection okay so what a collection actually is it's a category of products so this example is cashmere sweaters so if I click here you'll see that all of these are cashmere

I'm giving SEO to this page 

 sweaters cashmere sweater cashmere sweater they are all cashmere sweaters okay that's how this works and the whole point is I'm giving SEO to this page okay so this page as you can see here it has a meta description a meta title it has a good clean URL these are all things that you should be thinking about when you're making a collection I would normally use a Collection image I only learned about this recently but the reason I would do that is

 because if I do the website on Google site two men dot it and click on images you'll see that these are actually this is a collection photo okay and these are collection photos as well these Black Friday designer jackets this was an SEO genius move by me and I would highly recommend doing this if you you are setting up a store and you're going through Black Friday setting up a Shopify collection specifically for Black Friday like jackets and coats Etc that's a really

 really good idea and it's working pretty well unfortunately I did it a little bit late because I was working on other things I only just made this website so unfortunately I didn't actually have time to implement this properly but next year we will be flying with Black Friday sales I'm pretty sure because I have some really really good ideas to push it okay so let's talk a little bit more about the theory behind this so I think cashmere sweaters is a really really good example so we'll we'll work with that so what you want to do is you want to think about how to split up your product okay so there are your base categories which obviously if I go on the website there are going to be like Brands here and clothing

Brands here and clothing

 here and shoes here and accessories Etc these are just base categories I'm not really going to be talking about this today it's this should be obvious it's just what your products are and what they're split into okay um but instead what I want to talk about is these specific categories here and these are very very well these are very good performers on Google okay I'm going to show you an extra special trick here as well which is going to potentially triple your traffic if you do this properly so if you're if you've got a print on demand store it

 doesn't matter if you have print on demand or an e-commerce store most likely you're gonna have several products okay and um these so like a traditional e-commerce store even even a Drop Shipping Store this isn't really relevant I wouldn't say to a one product Drop Shipping 

 think one product should drop shipping stores and more based around ads instead of organic SEO that's more based around like a short-term strategy organic SEO is a very famously long-term strategy so I'm going to be talking I'm talking about like long-term strategies in this article  so let's say you have either a print-on-demand or e-commerce store it doesn't really matter what you're selling but what you need to be able to do is to put things into categories okay so you have the base categories of like I said before

 you just have your Brands your clothing your shoes your accessories and then you also need to think about all the different collections that are relevant to your Niche okay so what's very very relevant in the clothing Niche for example is um yeah like very very specific things like men's gray designer jeans men's dark blue designer jeans these Black Friday collections which I think I don't like to blow my own

 trumpet but I honestly believe that was a genius idea by me and I'm already working on for example Christmas um things so this is a really interesting thing that I've never really done before but like I'm gonna work on Christmas collections probably in the next week get them already on Google get ready for the Christmas sales and then I'll do that every year for the important months you always need to be making a new one you can maybe update so on

Genius idea by me

 Shopify what I found quite interesting I need to do more um more research into this but I'm pretty sure what you could do here is you could update this page a little bit and then you can just edit the URL and add like for next year like 2023 at the end and then what that will do is it will create a url url redirect from your old page which has a lot of good SEO

 to your new page which will be more updated and more relevant so next year what I'll probably do is write 20 2000 2023 here and I'll add that to the URL and that will then make like not really a new page but it'll update the page and maybe that will help boost up the rankings next year using the already established SEO that I have already made the really good thing about this and the reason I love this so

 much is Shopify has this amazing thing if you're paying more than I think it's more than 29 a month I'm not 100 sure it comes with this thing called translate and adapt and you can actually this is this is

 actually insane you can automatically translate into two different languages and it's quite a simple process I'll probably make article s about this to explain this in more details but it took me about an hour and a half to add two completely new languages and if you know anything about SEO if I do site2men.it slash r u slash collections after less than a week we already have 40 collections in Russian in Russian indexed on Google that's in Russian that sounds like a German 50 collections this isn't even products or anything else this is just

 collections okay we have over 50 collections already on Google and English collections we have 97 and you gotta remember we're a dot it website as well so that's even more impressive and total pages is really really strong as well 751 already just from creating loads and loads of Collections and if I do in url and do Friday it's for Black Friday you can see that this if this had just been given a bit more time I mean it there's potential that in the next four or five days this will

 explode I don't think I don't think it will it doesn't seem like it's going to but it would be so cool if this did um boost to the top of Google in the last two or three days of Black Friday and yeah I guess I'll update you guys on that if it does but this was just supposed to be a very very quick description of um like I'm going to call them like specific collections because specific there's nothing really better for Google than something that is very specific okay so what I did was I took my I took all of the products we had and I tried to think of all the different categories that I could put them into and in the SEO I

 used the word men like mail okay because we only sell men's clothing um I often use like made in Italy and Italy SEO and things like that and I used the brands that we sell as well in these collections and yeah you I would really really advise doing that so in for example okay we have a brand which is the day atalini and what I could have done is just made the slash collections slash Chesapeake artillini but


 what I did was I made slash collections shirts and then I made another page which was suits etc etc okay all the way down and another thing you should do is you should have a unique image for each collection and you should use the alt image I'll show you where that is actually if you click on edit here and edit image alt text you should run I haven't written one here um Italian best Italian designer suits to my suits and then save it here and I'm going to save that as well and overall if you do this and you use this logic you can if your titles are very descriptive you don't really need to use tags I will say that it

 makes it a lot easier if you have tags because you can become more kind of specific with what you want your collection to be about if you use tags if you just want to use titles then that's fine as well so most things will have the title of the product like t-shirt in there so let's say you have a store and you have um like you're just selling T-shirts and you have 1000 t-shirts you could split it into funny t-shirts or you know white t-shirts uh blue t-shirts you know whatever it might be like sarcastic t-shirts etc 

Google and that's why SEO 

 all the way to Oblivion and the more collections you make the more visibility you have on Google and that's why SEO is all about SEO is about having visibility on Google so my advice to you guys is to make specific collections for your products on Shopify and you'll see more sales thanks for watching and peace out.


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